Deceased Person Rental

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So I will be looking at a home this weekend where apparently a woman passed away in it sometime in July of last year. I have heard that there are laws regarding disclosures, but I have not managed to find anything about someone buying a home from an estate of a person that died in the home and then renting it out. My plan is to rent it out if I decide to buy it, but want to know if I need to disclose anything to potential renters. This might cause serious problems with rent-ability. I live in Tulsa, OK and the cause of death was natural... thankfully.

Does anyone know if I need to provide potential renters with any kind of disclosure for something like this? How long does someone have to disclose a death? After it sells once, twice, forever, or is it defined in terms of years after death, etc?

Any experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know. Each state has their own disclosure laws on the books and some of them can be pretty weird.

Do you have the local state statute code online labeled by category?? You could read through that to possibly find out or do you have a state supplied landlord tenant handbook?? Sometimes those cover such issues with the state code already cited for reference.