Will property management report late rent to credit bureas?

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Yes, it's normal.  Property management companies are not credit card companies or lending agencies like banks or mortgages or car dealers, who normally report to credit bureaus.

@Stanley Drew You cannot hold your PM accountable to report to credit bureaus unless it states this in your management agreement.

VERY FEW PM's are big enough to meet the requirements of the credit repositories to be able to report to them.

We are not doing that but if/when someone reaches out to us as a reference, we will let them know if the tenant was a problem.

@Stanley Drew property management companies do not have the ability to report to credit bureaus. However, one way to correct these issues is to be able to file for the eviction right away if they are late and such eviction will show up on their background report. Even if you do not fully execute the eviction and the tenant end up paying this process will be a lesson for the tenant to correct their lateness behavior.