Proof of income when qualifying tenants

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I am planning on managing it my first rental. I have someone who self employed that's interested on renting my house. What type of proof of income can I ask for and what can I not?

@Ian Salinas

You can ask for just about anything. It's up to them to prove they qualify. I would ask for 3 months bank statements and/or last two years taxes. Just like the banks asks for when you apply for a mortgage. I would not put in a lot of extra work. Tell them what they need to supply, and if they do not, move on to another applicant.

@Ian Salinas

I agree with @Anthony Wick you can ask for almost anything.  I rented to a contractor and I asked to look at his returns and bank statements.  He has been renting for a few years with no problem.  A few lates but nothing more.