Property Managers in Jacksonville FL

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Does anyone have property management referrals for Jacksonville FL? I will be renting my house in Riverside/Avondale so historic home experience is a plus. Also, this is my first rental so any tips on what to ask perspective managers? 

@Krysta Bonner I have a property in that area and have been using Centerbeam for several years and been very happy. You should check them out. I know they manage several in the area.

Regarding questions to ask PM's, there are many, but here are the categories you should hit and some questions from each:

- about their business (how long in business, how many staff, what roles)

- about their properties (how many properties under management, typical rent range for them, their vacancy rate)

- about their fees (property management, tenant placement, tenant renewals, inspections, etc)

- about tenant screening (in house?, screening factors, how many past landlords do they contact, does owner have input to process?)

- about collecting rent (when is it late, late fees, eviction process, how many do they do per year)

- about maintenance (in house or outside contractors, how do you communicate with owner)

- about trasacting with owner (what online system do they use, when in the month do they pay owner, direct deposit?)  

Also, sometimes PM's will have 1-year contracts, but you want to have the ability to cancel sooner if you are unhappy. Ideally, 30 day notice at any time with no early termination fee - particularly in first year.

Good luck!

@Krysta Bonner

I have used suncoast property management for the past 3 years and have been happy with them.   They have the perspective of the investor in mind and not just see the owner as a source of income and how many ways they can create revenue from them.   

I agree with question proposed by @Caroline C. but I would add I almost didn't go with Suncoast because they had a high cancellation fee and if I remember correctly it was over a year agreement.   But I'm glad I didn't find someone else because they will go the extra mile to maintain the relationship and solve issues if any arise so I have't even thought of changing.   By comparision I am on my 3rd PM in Indianapolis. 

@Krysta Bonner I use Rental Guys Property Management. They have been lifesavers and gone the extra mile on a property that I have in Murray Hill. Please DM and I can provide contact info!

To add several other questions: 

- How often will the property be inspected each year

- What is the PMs average turnaround time for vacancies