Tenant wants to get one more dog

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Hi! We rented to a tenant with 3 (Older) dogs. They've signed a years lease stating no additional pets. One pet passed away. They still have the initial 2. They have 4 months left on Lease and want to get another dog (not a puppy) probably 1 or 2 years old. Any thoughts on how to handle this would be appreciated. Property is in California.

It is your property, so you decide.  A puppy can be destructive.  I'll bet money if you say no, they suddenly claim it is an emotional support animal.  If they already had 3 there for a while and one died, you clearly don't have a problem with pets.  Hopefully you have a pet deposit or are charging pet rent.

If you have inspected the property during an annual inspection and there was not signs of damage, then I would assume they know how to handle their pets. If you did an inspection and there was chewed up moldings, stains, scratches, then I would decline. If they are taking care of their pets and the place is remaining in good shape, then I would imagine you have the makings of some long term tenants. They won't be finding another place to rent, so unless they are buying they will be with you. Which if they are taking care of things and paying etc, then it's a good thing. if they are always late, place is ripped up, then my answer would reflect that. 

Good Luck!

@Frida B. If they previously had 3 dogs at the property, I don't think you should be too concerned about allowing them to get another dog in the above scenario - since they probably have their fair share of experience when it comes to dealing with dogs. I agree with what @Mike Cumbie mentioned - If the property does not show signs of pet damage, I would allow them to get the other dog. 

@Frida B.

Since the lease was initially signed with pets what’s the difference if they get 1 more. 
you have options to inspect the property, and to with hold the security deposit if needed, and I'm sure you are charging $$ for pets in home right.

I’m in CA and I have a tenant with pets. We charge extra for pets and do an inspection yearly. So far everything has been great. 

The tenant are very responsible and it shows in the inspection. 

Are you inspecting the property inside/out to ensure it's well maintained? Are you charging extra rent for the animals to ensure you can off-set any damage not covered by the deposit?

Adding an animal is always an increased risk. You don't know if the animal is trained, it's personality, how the Tenant can handle them, etc. Even a "mature" rescue dog can be as risky as a puppy because there's no history to show how the Tenant and dog behave.

I charge extra rent for each pet. $35 for animals under 30 pounds, $50 for animals over 30 pounds, and $75 if the animal is considered a dangerous breed. Even if the tenant has been great, I would still charge for the additional animal.

This sounds fairly straightforward. As a matter of procedure, I would always recommend doing an interior and yard inspection before allowing any additional pets, mostly for documentation purposes. Keep your charges consistent with what they were when they had the 3 dogs before, especially since it's not a puppy that they're getting.