Looking to meet investors in central Massachusetts

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Hi everyone, I've recently purchased my first duplex in Blackstone, MA. I would love to meet and connect with other local investors in the central MA area to talk all things real estate and potentially partner for future deals. I'm eager to scale and have big plans to purchase more rental properties in the future. I am also interested in fix and flips. I want to continue to learn as I am new to RE, so if anyone is willing to meet or have local meetups to share please send me a message. Thank you!

@Jonathan Guerrero

Hello. Congratulations on your first project. How is the Blackstone, MA market ?  Aren’t homes in the upper price points there ?   We typically like to do our fix and flips in the $200k - $300k price point. Best of luck in all your endeavors.  


I am an investor in MA. Predominately in Gardner to Ayer MA, some in Fall River MA up to this point. Growing quickly.

I'd love to chat at some point! @Jonathan Bombaci has a great weekly meet-up you can always attend! 

Looking forward to connecting. 



@Anthony Dadlani Thank you and happy fourth! Iv'e actually found that this area has potential for great investment opportunities. Multis here are appraising 300k-375k with good rentals iv'e noticed people are buying some of these distressed properties in low to mid 100k. It's in between some Worcester and Boston and Providence in Rhode Island. I intend to look for some properties here and have already started sending direct mail. I am figuring out the whole financing aspect in case I do get a motivated seller. 

What areas are you doing your fix and flips? 

Jonathan Guerrero

Hi @Ryan Corcoran and happy fourth! I have not heard of the first two areas, but from looking at Google Maps they are a little far from where I am. Fall Rivers isn't too far and I have heard mixed reviews, but I'm sure there is opportunity there like anywhere else. 

I'd love to hear about your strategies and type of investments you're doing in those areas! I will send you my contact info and we can set up a time to chat when you have free time. I will look at the meetups from the person you mentioned. Thank you and good luck.

Jonathan Guerrero

@Jonathan Guerrero

We actually do our fix and flips with JV partners Nationwide. Glad to hear that the projects in your area are in those price points. Will send you a private message to connect and have a conversation.

Hey everyone I am an agent who is looking to begin investing soon. I live in Leominster and looking to try that area. Im always up for discussing central ma!

Hi Jonathan, 

Welcome to REI. I would like to share RE ideas and investment strategies. I have done investments in New Bedford Ma area and looking to scale and do JV's. I'm willing to listen to all opportunities to see if it's a fit. Everyone on the tread it goes the same. I will send everyone a dm.