Eliminating pet odors...????

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I'm looking at a potential flip property that I might decide to BRRRR. Currently there are about 5 dogs inside and it smells like pet urine and poo all throughout the house, but mostly upstairs, which is all carpet.

Obviously the carpet has to go, but I'm worried that the plywood sub floor has been saturated with urine. Is there a way to get this smell out, or do you have to replace the sub floor? I plan to install tile or LVP in place of the carpet, so I thought about spraying a water/bleach mix on the sub floor and install after it dries. 


I have a similar issue. Old tenant in house prior to my purchase had two big dogs that did their business all over the house. Now I need to get the smell out. I was told Killz Primer would help, but I'm interested to hear other people's point of view on this before I get started on it. Worst thing in the world would be to put new flooring down and not have the smell out. I have considered just putting down new subflooring. A relatively small expense for peace of  mind with the exception that it is time consuming and I'll likely have to get some help. 

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@Clint G.I just found this page on BP. Hope this helps. I found some of the ideas useful, but I'm still uncertain. I may just go ahead and replace the subfloor myself. https://www.biggerpockets.com/...

That's a good thread. I have a feeling thats what these will look like when I pull the carpet up.


Ah, it's dogs. Not too bad. You pull off the carpet and paint the subfloor in two coats of Kilz Oil-Based primer.

Sometimes with a cat house, 5, 10 or more cats, you have to do quite a bit more, like remove and replace the baseboard throughout the house, cut out the bottom two feet of drywall, paint the studs behind the drywall with Kilz, and replace the drywall. But dog urine isn't usually that bad, and your first line of attack, painting the subfloor with Kilz, will usually be quite enough.

In flips, the stench of pet urine is the smell of money.

@Clint G.

I had a recent tenant who had unauthorized cats that peed everywhere. It was overwhelming and I tried every product (with enzymes, etc). I even hand scraped parts of the floor. Nothing.

Until someone told me about Zinsser BIN shellac primer. It was a miracle. Expensive, but I didn’t have to replace the subfloor.

Thank your for all of the replies! I'm definitely going to try some of these. We went to look at the house again last night, and good lord, I don't know how people actually live in it!