What does home insurance cover on my Duplex?

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Hello, I am working on closing on my first duplex this month. I am using VA loan so i will be living on the right side for atleast a year. My question is, with the home insurance policy am I responsible for all repairs on the house (HVAC, Plumbing, etc.) or does the home insurance cover it for both sides? IDK if i explain it right but i will clarify any questions if necessary.

Thank you so much!

If the repairs due to normal wear and tear (as opposed to some sort of fire or other event listed in your policy), a standard insurance policy wouldn’t pay for the repairs on either side of the duplex (your side or the tenant’s side). 

home warranty policies are what cover breakdowns of equipment. A typical homeowner or landlord policy covers damage to the structure. Think "fire" or "tornado". Sometimes they also cover for water damage such as a burst pipe, etc. Coverage can vary all over the place and it just depends on the individual policy.