Water leak in duplex

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Hello, we had a broken toilet pump on one of the units of my duplex rental property. This caused the water bill to increase. The meter is shared and each unit usually pays half of the water bill. Who would be responsible for paying the water bill increase caused by the leak? Thank you

Normally it is the responsibility of the tenant to report malfunctions or needed repairs to the landlord/property manager in a timely manner. I find though that running toilets are not a priority of the tenants, especially if they don't pay the water bill.

If it was determine that the toilet repair was not reported for weeks then the tenant who toilet it was should pay the increase.  On the other hand you were told about the issue and didn't fix in a timely manner then it would be on you the landlord/PM.    How much extra cost are we talking?

@Joe Scaparra

Thank you Joe. It’s 10x more. It looks like the utility company has some program to provide one discount per year though when bill is more than average due to water leak.

That sounds like a LOT more water usage.  If your satisfied you know the reason great, but if not I would do a personal inspection of your property.  Look at each toilet as that is usually the culprit.  But also look at each water faucet and under the sinks for any leaks.  Shower faucets dripping and lastly go outside and look at your hose bibs, make sure there is no loss of water there.  Cheers.

In most jurisdictions I know of, the water company looks to the landlord as the responsible party unless the meter is split.  I would recommend you look into how this works in your neck of the woods to avoid a possible nasty surprise in the future.