RentRedi Vs. Free alternatives

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I have seen they have been pushing RentRedi a lot on the podcasts lately and I fell victim to their marketing tactics and checked them out.

They seem to have fairly reasonable plans ($9/month for year plan) and offer a variety of features but I am still confused why someone would pay for property management software when there are so many free alternatives out there. 

I know Cozy and Avail are some of the favorites based upon some other research I have done on BP. They are free (or at least free up to a certain # of units) and offer  most of the same features  along with very friendly user interfaces for both tenant and landlord.  I just don't see a big enough difference between the RentRedi and all of the other free softwares to justify spending $9/month.

Long story short: Why should I use RentRedi compared to the free options out there? For those that have used it, how has your experience been?

I may not be the best person to answer your specific question since I haven't used Cozy or Avail and I'm not familiar with those systems.  I know I looked at Cozy and a couple of others at the time I was deciding which service to use, but honestly I can't recall the comparison specifics.  What I can say is that RentRedi is a complete management service that manages the entire process from marketing for tenants, through pre-qualification, scheduling viewings with, the application, the background check/credit check/eviction check; automatic rent collection, repair/maintenance management: the whole nine.  Their customer service is personal and always available, they have never left me hanging.  I really do like their service.