Roofer in Dayton, OH

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a good roofer in Dayton, OH? I've gotten a couple of recommendations and I've left voicemails but haven't gotten a call back from either one.

Thanks in advance.

@Andres M.

Good evening,

Andres, I know a really good construction company that’s been in the roofing business for about 20 years in Dayton that I could setup you up with. Just shoot me a message and I’ll give you there contact info.

Very respectfully,

David Uzhca

@David Uzhca . Hello David do you know of a window installer? The guy we have been using isn’t available until February and we are trying to get this house finished.

@Marc Rice I'm an out of state investor so can't do that unfortunately.

@Cheryl Moore Thank you for the recommendation. So Frisby Roofing comes to Dayton even though they're in Cincinnati?