Buildium for accounting too?

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Hey all!

So I just signed up for Buildium and wanted to hear feedback about using their platform for accounting. Currently I run QuickBooks, but their claim is there’s no need for QB as their accounting and reporting is a QB replacement.

Should I be running QuickBooks along side Buildium or ditch QuickBooks and solely use Buildium?


Hey Mayer,

Are you managing long-term rentals? 

We use it for managing our portfolio of SFRs and small multi's and it handles everything accounting wise for the properties so there's no need for quickbooks.

You can also run your property management business expenses through Buildium or use Quickbooks if that's easier. 

Hope that helps!

We use buildium accounting for our units -- it was one of the reasons we selected buildium.

It'll be nice to use just one software, but I think it's better to use both Buildium and QuickBooks if you want to keep track of everything, likes your assets. 

Assuming you just manage your own properties, not other people's properties, you can use Buildium for management tasks (keeping track of maintenance, store documents, communication, etc.,) and use QuickBooks for everything related to accounting/financials. If you use Buildium to collect rent, you need to enter that information into QuickBooks. 

We would recommend keeping as much in Buildium as possible for simplicity. 

Only use QB if you have income from sale commissions, etc.

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@Cameron Tope

Yes, these are long term rentals and they’re multi as well


 Then I would use Buildium. I'm sure there are other software's out there, so just select one and go with it. Just don't be that guy who's always switching softwares to find the "best" one.

Best of luck!