Can anyone recommend a Rentometer alternative?

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Hi Everyone,

Got a notification today from Rentometer that my account would be charged again, but noticed that they said I would lose my un-used reports that I already paid for unless I paid for another year subscription. Since the subscription is worthless without reports (I was a user before this was a thing, cancelled and then resubscribed only to find out it all changed), I am not sure why they would cancel your reports since that seems to be the only thing that you have to (and is worth) paying for. Don't thing I want to do business with them anymore, shame since I used to recommend them. Anyone use another service that they think is worthwhile? Wouldn't mind paying more than the $100 annually if it was worth it. Thanks in advance for all the recommendations! 

If you’re someone who really needs to get a more accurate and reliable read on the market, you might consider paying for one of these higher-end alternatives.

RentFax: With several different pricing options available, the Rent Radar report will include a very comprehensive look at the stability of the market, the approximate rent range of each property, and a lot of other enlightening data that you won’t see from the free services listed above.

RentRange: Another ultra-comprehensive reporting system that includes a RentRange estimate, details about market trends by bedroom and type, comparable rental statistics and more. It also has an online rent collection too (similar to Cozy) that could prove useful to many landlords and property managers.

@Adam Azam  
I'd call surrounding properties and ask them 1. Do you have anything available? (This will tell you a little about the demand) 2. How much do you charge? Utilities. This is what I use to find out rent and is pretty accurate.

Hopefully you have a bit of notice when one of your properties becomes available.  When I know I have a vacancy coming up or am in closing for a new house I look at Zillow everyday to see what is out there and what prices others are charging.  You need to do it for at least a couple weeks though as 1 day or even a week is not a great snapshot.  You really want to see not only what current rentals are charging but what has been moving, they can list what they want but if it has been on the market a while it is either at the wrong price or they have unrealistic criteria.  I also check periodically throughout the year at least once a week to see what's out there.  I focus on 4 towns that I live in or near where my rentals are focused so I have a good idea of about what I can get, most of the research is just verification.  

@Vincent Thomas I use RentRange.  I find them to be more accurate than Zestimates or Rentometer.  It's probably because they also use actual rents at least in part of their algorithm.  I have a coupon code that gives you lifetime 25% off the wholesale price.  Message me if interested.

@Adam Martin ... I do the same. I have found this to be very accurate. I look at the rent, the condition, and when I see something similar to our rentals I really stalk and see how long it is up. (Recently they have been on for less than 2 days on average!) Of course I focus more when something of ours will be available but to be honest now I’m totally addicted. I find myself on Zillow checking rentals at least once a day!

Dealcheck now automatically uses RentCast which I have actually found to be pretty accurate. I also have a Rentometer pro account and I am considering canceling because of this update.