Who is your favorite turnkey property company? Why? Where?

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I'm looking to buy and hold outside of my market and would like a "do-it-all" company.  I don't have a strong preference of location, but I'm currently leaning towards the southeast and midwest.  Which company do you use and like?  Where are the rentals?  Why do you like the company?

REI nation is pretty good in terms of a one stop shop. They communicate very well initially but i noticed after i got my first property they stopped sending over available properties compared to when i was looking for my first. Its probably because they are low inventory or the properties dont fit my criteria.

I worked with Martel Turnkey to purchase a SFH in Cleveland, OH. They have outsourced the property management part to Remax Haven and I have had a good experience with them so no complaints.

I also used Roofstock.com to purchase a SFH in Memphis, TN. It's not exactly a turnkey but they also provide turnkey options so check them out.

Good luck and let me know if you want to connect and talk about any of these purchases. Happy to answer any questions.