Nasty situation, advice appreciated

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I’m in an interesting situation and would appreciate advice.

I hired someone to install vinyl (I’ve learned since that LVP is best) planks in a rental. I paid A LOT for labor (around $2,000 for 400 sq.ft. area). I would rather pay more for quality work and this person came highly recommended.

The floor looked great and he even joked that the entire building may fall apart, but this floor wouldn’t.

A couple years go by and now a nail has come through the floor, thorny side up! 

We contacted this gentleman and informed him of the issue. He apologized and said he’d come by and fix it during the weekend.

He never showed nor answered calls.

I left voicemails and we texted briefly. Long story short, lots of promises, and no action. I literally felt he was doing everything he could to avoid the situation.

Two months of dodging me, I left a voicemail letting him know that if I don’t get a definitive time for the repair, I will file a complaint. He magically called a minute later and told me that it’s been years since the install and to not contact him again.

I’m surprisingly calm about the situation (unlike me), and am considering letting it go, however, I feel like he’d be getting away with being a crappy businessman.

I’m considering suing him, and would like your thoughts, because it has been a while since the installation, however, but for his negligence in leaving a nail behind, it wouldn’t have came up from the floor.

Thoughts appreciated.

Can you tell us how many years went by trouble free on this floor?  And the issue you are having X years down the road is 1 nail pop?  And for this you are considering suing him?  Do I have that right?

How many years of good service did everything go well until 1 nail pop showed up?

If if nail popped up it probably had nothing to do with the LVP install. LVP don't require nails are just are floating floors. If there as a serious nail then it was from the subfloor. You did pay a lot but a lot of time has past and I would lean towards the contractor side since this doesn't appear to be an lvp install issue. 

People aren't reading your post very closely, but regardless, I would let it go.  I would contact someone a few weeks after installation, but not years.  A good handyman can quickly and cheaply take care of this and many other minor issues.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I should mention that it has been about 2.5 years, and the nail came through the middle of one of the pieces, practically shattering it (don’t really know how else to describe it).

There are also a few spots where the installation doesn’t seem like it was done properly as the vinyl pieces have moved away from each other, creating open spots. Again, all taking place in time, not immediately.

Seems like the overall gist is that I should move on. I guess that’s why I am really as calm as I am :)

@Michael Nahm

If the point of the nail is up, is it possible that something was secured to the subflooring underneath, after the install? Did you have any work done in the basement/crawlspace since?

If there are gaps showing, you can cut in thresholds, and put a transition strip. Use a suction cup dent puller and a rubber mallet and lock them back together first. The flooring should not be installed under cabinets or similar fixed items.

Hi Michael,

"’s been years since the install and to not contact him again. ..."

Pretty much seems to sums it up.

A hammer + a nail punch and some tub and tile sealant might work.

You don't want water getting under there.

Good Luck!