Replacing windows in a 120 years property

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I always order low quality replacement windows in original size. Usually just like 50 bucks more than a similar size standard size window at ~$200. I would never go through the hassle to fix the siding, trim  and drywall around the windows to save 50 bucks unless it’s a timely emergency and can’t wait for a special order.

I love the old wooden windows and they’re easy to repair, but their energy efficiency is real bad and they are unfortunately ALWAYS covered in lead based paint.

Nice pictures Patrick M.  Your picture of the newspaper reminds me that in an older house (not as old at the 1901 house) we found lots of old newspapers used as insulation.  Many of them crumbled while being pulled out but a few were intact.  "Only" back to 1958 but I was able to open the "want ad" section to learn the going rental rate for a three room house (probably part of our "Mill Village" area) was $35 a month.   Interestingly the "exciting new" washing machines (probably replacing the old hand cranked roller things) cost over 10 times a much; almost $400.  Out of range for most folks back then.

@Gail K. I found a nice wall calendar from 1920 that had a beautiful woman on the front... you realize how fleeting our time is!

Fortunately we had some Polish warriors to do the masonry work... man they are born masons and become master masons by the age of 12! ;) Over there 100 year old masonry buildings are new construction ;)

@Tal Shachar We have ran into the same issue with our 120 year old row home. We reached out to a local building supply house. Not only were they about half of the price of what we were quoted at the big box stores but they arrived a month ahead of schedule. Ordered Sept 9 2021

We just had one of our units go through a yearly section 8 re-inspection.  5 of our older, but still functioning windows wouldn't stay up without being propped and the inspector told us about $5 clips you can buy at the local hardware store to fix the problem.  Took less than 40 minutes to put all 5 of them in.  

@Tal Shachar

I am renovating a duplex built in 1853

Heres my materials only quote for 25 windows. Good luck its gonna need a lot of 2x6s ripped to rebuild the frames.


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