Local Milwaukee Meetup - March 29th

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  • 03/29/14 09:00AM
  • Stone Creek Coffee - 422 N. 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wi 53203
  • $5.00

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Hello Everyone!

Happy March:)

Just wanted to send out a reminder that our next local meetup will be this Saturday, March 29th @ 9am

Location: Stone Creek Coffee @ 422 N 5th St, Milwaukee

You are going to love this meet up!

Our guest speaker is from the Bank of England to discuss delayed financing and portfolio lending.

So bring your questions and smiling faces and come meet us this saturday. And don't be afraid to join us if you are new to REI, we have a great group of like minded investors who will want to network and get to know everyone.

The schedule for this meet up will be:

9-9:15am - meet and greet and network

9:15 - 10am - Speaker from Bank of England

10am - Questions

10:30 - End of meeting and network some more

As always there will be free coffee and pastries:)

@Micah Schroeder and his company will be there to discuss how delayed financing can be a strategic option for your portfolio

Hi guys!

Could you please RSVP on this thread, so we can get a head count for this Saturday.

Thank you!

I will be there. Where is there parking? I have been parking behind the building (because I thought that was parking for the building) but after the last meeting I was told I shouldn't be parking there.

@Dawn Anastasi Awesome! Glad you will be there:)

There is some parking on the street, then across the street next to the train station there is a parking lot. I don't think it costs much to park there, but I will call Stone Creek and see what other parking is available.

Hi Nicole, I'll be in the area and I'd like to come out too.

@Dominika M we look forward to meeting you! If you need directions, let me know.

sorry for the late response, but my son and I will be there.

What a great meeting! I wanted to thank @Micah Schroeder and Jodi with the Bank of England in Brookfield for presenting and discussing Delayed Financing and Portfolio Lending. They did a great job of explaining the process of delayed financing and portfolio lending along with how to build a relationship with the smaller banks.

If anyone that couldn't make it has any questions regarding our meet up today, just chime in on this thread and Micah should be able to answer them for you.

Our next meet up will be Saturday April 26th in which we will have an experienced buy and hold/property management speaker.

As always, I will list the date, time, place and agenda of the meetup a week before. Hope to see everyone there!

Also if you have any questions or comments about the meetups, please let me or @Alex Anderson know and we will do our best to answer.

Thank you!

Micah and Jodi did an excellent job today! Very informative meeting. Looking forward to next month!

Great meeting today Nicole! Micah did a great job outlining some alternative financing methods and the importance of developing relationships with lenders that can objectively evaluate deals on a case by case basis.

Thanks again for organizing!

Thanks @Nicole Pettis for putting yesterday's Milwaukee meet up together. Great information was shared and there were plenty of networking opportunities afterwards. Also, thanks to @Micah Schroeder and Jodi for their time and efforts.

The meetup on Sat was great, really informative. I picked up a few tidbits that I hadn't heard before. Thanks for putting it together @Nicole Pettis !

I look forward to next month's meeting and hearing Troy speak!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for allowing Jodi and myself to sit in and talk about creative financing. It really is a good group and its nice to know that we can all network and learn something new about the real estate world each week. I look forward to continuing to attend the meetings and help anyone out with financing help. I hope we can get even more people here going forward and sharing their experience with investing! Have a great week, already looking forward to our April meeting!

Is there a date for an April meeting?

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