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  • 04/26/14 09:00AM
  • Stone Creek Coffee Factory : 422 N 5th St, Milwaukee
  • $5.00

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Hi Gang!

There have been a few general questions about the meetups and I know there are many NEW Milwaukee members, so I thought I will send out information for the meetings so you know our schedule, dates and times.

Milwaukee Meetups will happen every month on the last Saturday of the month starting @ 9am. The cost is $5. At each meeting we will try to have an expert speaker. If we don't have a speaker, we will have just a general networking meeting.

I will post information about the next meet up the week before the date and If for any reason it is canceled, I will post it on the forum as well.

The meetings are currently located at:

Stone Creek Coffee
422 N 5th ST
Milwaukee, WI

When you enter the building, pass the bathrooms is a staircase to the left, go up the stairs, through the big entry way and the room is to your left.

The dates for the next 3 meetups are:

April 26th :: All about building your REI portfolio & Property Management
May 31st :: How to find a great contractor
June 28th :: To be announced

If there is any subject matter that you would like for us to cover, please let us know and we will do our best to bring in an expert on the subject. Also if you know an expert or someone that is successful in this industry please bring them along:) The more the merrier!

Our mission is the same as Bigger Pockets and that is to bring you great information so you can build a successful Real Estate Business.

As always we are always open to ideas on how we can make this meet up better, so please don't hesitate to PM me.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Thank you!


Great...I plan to be there

Hi @Nicole Pettis

My family is moving back to Wisconsin (Cedarburg) in June/July of this year. I am going to get more involved in REI when we move so I'm very interested in joining clubs in the Milwaukee area. Currently we have two rental properties, one was not by choice but a house we left when we moved to Las Vegas... In any case, I just wanted to introduce myself and find out if you have a webpage for the meetings or the club. Thanks in advance.


Hi @Account Closed

Welcome back! At this time, we do not have a website. All of the meetings are listed in the Real Estate Events forum. However, you can add Milwaukee Meetup to your keyword alert and it will let you know when I add an event.

Hope to see you in a few months!

Take care


@Nicole Pettis Just out of curiosity, where is this Real Estate Events forum you speak of?


Originally posted by @Arthur Banks :
@Nicole Pettis Just out of curiosity, where is this Real Estate Events forum you speak of?

You're posting in it.

Originally posted by @Dawn A. :
Originally posted by @Arthur Banks:
@Nicole Pettis Just out of curiosity, where is this Real Estate Events forum you speak of?

You're posting in it.

I couldn't find the MAIN link in the above menu. I wanted to look for meetups near me. I didn't even think to trace back from this page. Kinda hard on a mobile device.

When is the next Milwaukee, WI BP meet up?


@Tiffanie Mayo


We have the meetings on the last Saturday of the month, however I will probably be canceling tomorrows, because I am very sick and I don't have anyone else to host it. 

However the next two will be:

Sept 26th
Oct 31st

In November and December we host holiday networking parties, because everyone is so busy and its hard to get speakers. I will be posting more about those later.

You can also join us on under Brew City Real Estate. 

Thank you!

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