Washington State Official BP Meetup - South Sound - July 8th 2014

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  • 07/08/14 07:00PM
  • The Ram - Lakewood
  • Free

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So, thanks to a ton of help from @Tiffany Plovie  - we are officially set for a July 8th South Sound (or ... all-Sound if you don't mind the drive) Meetup at The Ram in Lakewood from 7pm-10pm. So anyone located in the Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, Portland (if you like driving!) or surrounding areas of Washington State or Oregon... and want to come hang out, get some good food, good drinks, and have some good conversation... let's do it! 

Respond in this thread if you can make it. I look forward to hanging out with you all!  Also - let me know what town you are coming from! 

(For those of you who can't make the drive down from Seattle, I'll be attending the Snohomish County meetup in Lynwood at the end of the month, probably on July 31st. For more info on this meetup, talk with @Dee Miles  or check out this Meetup.com page.)

@Brandon Turner  

Very cool. Way to make things happen! Now I just have to make sure to start getting to these events myself!

I will be adding everyone who replies here to the guest list... And if for some reason, you can't reply (or forget... Hey, it happens!), just show up, and I am sure we will make room for you!

Thanks to @Brandon Turner  for making this happen!

Count me in! Yeah, it's a drive from Bellingham but hey, it's not THAT long. Plus, I've got family and friends living in Seattle so I can spend Tuesday night there. Perf. See you then! Looking forward to meeting people in person.

Thank you @Tiffany Plovie and @Brandon Turner for making this happen!! Please let me know if you need any help with set up, or anything. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Interesting!  It's a bit of a drive for me, so I'm not sure yet..

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

Count me in. Please add me to the guest list. I look forward to meeting everyone there and networking. Thank you Brandon and @Tiffany Plovie for setting this up.

Totally in! Looking forward to it. Bit of a treck from Bothell, but definitely worth it!

count me in. Thank you !

Bummed, can't make it!  But excited to see the pacific northwest momentum continue.  Think weekend next time for those of us not yet making enough cash flow to quit our day job.  :)

I'll be there. See you soon. Steph

Hi Everyone!

    It will be such a pleasure to meet everyone in person!

Account Closed I am sad that you cannot make it. It was so nice to meet you and spend some time with you recently. I really hope that I get to see you again soon! Perhaps sometime when I am down in that area we can have lunch or grab a cup of coffee... And bond over shared experiences! LOL!

Put me on the list!  Look forward to meeting everyone.

@Richard Rolle  Done! I am so glad you can make it! It is going to be the event of the year, unless a National BP summit happens!

Looking forward to seeing all you Seattle / Tacoma folks soon! (and surrounding area folks as well!  

I'm glad I ran into @Brandon Turner  today at SBUX and he gave me the details on this meetup--looks like I should be able to attend. I'm very excited to meet all of you and hear some success stories, strategies, etc (and get a delicious RAM burger, of course). Put me on the list, @Tiffany Plovie  . Thanks!

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