Any Commercial REIA meets in the SF Bay Area?

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  • 06/20/14 12:48PM
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Hello BP Community,

I did a very brief search but didn't see anything in the past.

I've recently entered the world of real estate - Commercial to be exact. I've been to a few meets through BP primarily @J Martin 's east bay meets since Jan. Although I've learned a lot through the east bay meets and have made some great contacts I couldn't help but notice that much of the attendees delt primarily with residential.

Are there any members out there currently organizing REIA meets primarily in the CRE field? I work as a Commercial Lending Consultant for a brokerage and would love to connect with other professionals such as CRE Brokers, CRE Lending, and most importantly CRE Investors (multi-family, office, retail, land).

I for one have no experience setting any of these meet ups and I'm also just a beginner in the commercial niche but if there's enough interest in this specific area to meet - I wouldn't mind setting something up for everyone to network.

BP Mods - please let me know if this belongs under another forum.

Thanks everyone for your time!

@Alan Malicse  ,

Are you knocking my meetups!?! JK Definitely more residential investors..

I found this commercial real estate financing group for you. Looks like they're active monthly:

This next one is for the Northern California Commercial Association of Realtors, with a meetup next Tuesday in Santa Clara..

Hope you make some good CRE contacts, and let us know how it went!

Hi Alan,

You can also try this group: Multifamily-focused group. If you decide to attend, shoot me a note and I'll join you. Great group: Check out group reviews.

Good luck.

@J. Martin hahaha! I would never! I'll still be going to your meets for sure!!

Thank you for the links J!! I actually attended one of the NCCAR mixers last week and made a couple of great contacts. I'll keep you posted!

NA Walker - Yes please add me - I would love to check it out! Thank you!

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