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Hey all,  I know there a few meetings in the metro area.  I haven't seen any exclusive to BP members.  I think it would be a good idea to put a name with the face of our fellow members.  Thoughts?

There is an active MeetUp that has a lot of people on BP.

That being said, I would personally be on board for a smaller dinner or drinks if you wanted to organize!

That's a great idea @Anil Samuel !!!

Anil I would be interested too. I'm not in Baltimore but PG county in MD which is close enough to be worth the drive if a meeting was set up.

Agreed, would be nice to meet up sometime.

Anil Samuel I would also be interested. Let me know if you organize something. I'm on board.

@Anil Samuel - If you do over the weekend, we may have more attendance. Also there is a FB group called Capital REI exclusive for BP members. @Roger Lin   is actively involved in that group. 

Sounds like fun.  The more meet up opportunities, the better.  I vote for the 1st Saturday of the month, as early as possible, then we go out and make some deals.

I would be in for this!

Based on the responses it seems like we have some people interested in networking and possibly making some deals.  You can invite whoever you like, preferably we would like to keep the sales pitch out of the event.  I am thinking we can do Happy Hour in or around Baltimore on Friday, August 8th, Saturday August 9th, or Sunday August 10th.    I was thinking maybe from 4-7 p.m. depending on what day everyone can make it.  A few options I was thinking of just so we can all get familiar with different parts of Baltimore:  Thames Street Oyster House (Fells Point), Annabel Lee Tavern (Canton), or Abbey Burger Bistro (Fed Hill). 

Let me know what day, time, and which place you would like to have the 1st Happy Hour.  I am open to other suggestions as well.

@Anil Samuel once you actually choose a date and time please post in the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum, not here. 

I vote for Thames Street Oyster House or Annabel Lee Tavern. Friday, August 8th or Saturday August 9th works for me. On Friday, starting at 430 or later works best for me.

Im in let me know when the date is offical.

So next Friday August 8th, 4:30 pm, at Annabel Lee Tavern work for everyone?  They have happy hour until 7pm.

Going to miss this one, but will look forward to the next one! Thanks for organizing!

Annabel Lee Tavern works for me

I am in need if an Agent in Baltimore. Does anyone know an investor friendly buyers agent?

This post has been removed.

See everyone today at 4:30!  Please call the number in my signature block if you have any issues.  

Please add me to the list. Rod Blunk

I will be attending. Just to confirm, is the venue still Annabel Lee Tavern?

Anil Samuel count me in on the next one. I would love to get together with you guys but I'm on vacation Aug 10-17

Anil Samuel count me if it's today @4:30

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