LA Investors Meetup

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  • 08/10/14 02:00PM
  • Westside Pavilion Meeting Room A
  • $5.00

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Sunday August 10th @ 2:00 at the Westside Pavilion Meeting Room A

10800 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-8752

$5 per person to pay for the room. No sales or solicitation will take place at his event. Please RSVP on this thread so we can have an estimate of the numbers of participants.

@Jeff Greenberg  I'm really going to try to make it out. I have a prior engagement til about 2 or 3pm here in the valley. If I do come, I'll be a bit late.

@Jeff Greenberg - I've never been to an investor's meet, what typically takes place at these events?

@Jai Coward  

I can only speak to the ones I run.  We usually start with introductions and what there have done in RE.  We then usually see if anyone has a question or a need to ask of the group.  My meetings usually go with the flow and interest of the group.  The we end the meeting with networking.  The structure is loose.  At some of my meetings we have had presentations, but no selling.  I hope to see you on Sunday.

Awesome... You can put me down for +1!

Hi Jeff,

This will be my first BP meetup I'm attending.  Please put me down +1!


I'm going! Please put me down! See you guys on Sunday! ;)

Dan and I plan to be there.

Had a great time today everyone, hope to see you at the next one!

Thank you everyone that made it to the meeting.  We had over 30 in attendance and a great diversity in experience and areas of interest.  I will try to set this up on a regular basis so that you can put it in your calendar. 

Sorry to anyone that was hit with the $9 parking fee.  There is a way to only have to pay $3 over the 3 free hours.  I will get more information before next time.

Thank you for everyone that came and made the meeting such a success.

Thanks for hosting! I enjoyed it

Feel free to ask me. But I have to say, I always believed in 'farming' a neighborhood. So, I know a few neighborhoods really well, but they're all close to Downtown. And I didn't pay attention to any other areas.

Had a great time at the meet, very informative helpful! Hope to see everyone next time.

Wasn't able to make this last sunday's meeting but would love to come to a future meeting when you plan it. 

I really enjoyed the meeting. It was great meeting all of you. I hope to see you all at future meetings. 

Jon Huber, Real Estate Agent in New Jersey (#NRS0565737)

Sorry I wasn't able to make this one, Jeff.  I was at a rehab all day.  Hope you had a great meeting!

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