Oklahoma City Meetup 9/30/2014

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  • 09/30/14 12:00PM
  • 1133 NW 23rd St. OKC
  • Free

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I'd like to start a meetup for OKC. I am going to throw out a date, time and place. I am open to suggestions or will happily defer to anyone else who wants to take the lead. I am not a foodie nor familiar with many restaurants in OKC. If there is a different consensus from the group it will not hurt my feelings. Same goes for the date and time.

Date: 9/30/2014

Where: Hy Palace Asian Restaurant, 1133 NW 23rd St., OKC 73106

Time: 12 (lunch)

Cost: No fee (Chinese buffet about $8 plus drink).

This poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event. 

This is just a general getting to know you meeting for BP members in the Oklahoma City area. There will not be a program. Everyone is welcome. Please post any suggestions. Hope to see you there!

Hi Paul,

Sounds great!

Thanks for putting this together.
I'll stick it on my calendar and plan to attend... I have a closing that day at 10am in Yukon, so I might run a bit late.

See you then


Thanks for putting this together. I've been hoping someone would do this for OKC. Looking forward to it. See you then.

Added to my calendar. Will try to make it

We are quickly approaching the first (that I know of) Bigger Pockets unofficial meet up in Oklahoma City. I am shocked at the lack of interest that has been shown on this post, but I hope this is still happening. Surely there are more people in Midwest City, Edmond, Moore, Yukon, Mustang, Del City, Choctaw, Shawnee, Guthrie, Norman, etc. (trying to hit some keyword searches here) interested in meeting up with fellow BP members. I look forward to meeting with anyone that can show up. Thanks again  @Paul Choate  for taking the initiative to set this up.

Ill try and swing by, not sure ill be eating there though but be interesting to listen for a bit.

I'll be there. Thought I might be sitting by myself for awhile! Once again, everyone is welcome and I am hoping to find a better time/location for everyone. Even if you can't attend, please put any suggestions for future meetings on this post and we wil discuss it at the meeting.

Would love to attend but won't be able to get into town till next month. I hope it goes well.

I'll be there. Look forward to meeting everyone. Thanks for putting this together Paul


Looks like i wont be able to make it tomorrow after all. Hopefully next time.


How did it go yesterday at the meetup in OKC?


We had a turnout of 7 people including myself. I thought that was great for the first time. There was a wide variety of experience in the group. Here is what we discussed:

Everyone felt comfortable with holding the meeting at lunch as that did not take way from work or families. We are going to meet on the last Tuesday of the month at noon. This will be a monthly thing. We do not have a set place and anyone is welcome to suggest something. I have no problem rotating it around Oklahoma City and no one seemed to have a strong opinion about it. 

Two things we talked about:

1. Creating a Facebook group-

Creston Gerth created a Facebook group called, "Oklahoma BP Meetup". I feel that there is an ethos at Bigger Pockets and that is what I want to maintain. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST OTHER GROUPS!!!! but... I want to make money doing real estate deals- not be sold a program. If anyone is confused about what I mean by that, please message me and I will explain. This is not my group and I am not in charge of anything. Majority rules. 

2. Create and email list of all of the participants- 

I will send that out with an invite to the Facebook group as soon as I post this. If you join the Facebook group, you will probably have all of the contact info.

I will also create a new post for this month's meeting on the 28th.

Please include me in invite... Hated that Missed the meeting.  Hopefully will be able to make it to the next one.

Great to hear the meeting was a success!. Please add me to the group on Facebook



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