Thanks to all our Massachusetts BP peeps who attended last night's Black Diamond!

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  • 09/23/14 06:05PM
  • Ristorante Marcellino, 11 Cooper St, Waltham, Ma
  • Free

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Last night was our monthly Waltham MA event on "Class C to A-: turnaround of a 70 unit complex" with Dan Botwinik. We had excellent attendance, 120 people, which is not that unusual. Dan did a great presentation, that's not that unusual either, we've been very fortunate with our speakers.

What was unusual was that 60 of the 120 were there for the first time. And of those 60, 30 of them found us through Bigger Pockets! Awesomeness. And they weren't all new investors either, there were only 5 people in the room who had never done a deal. We are fortunate to attract a great mix of seasoned and new investors, and we like it that way.

So thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoyed it and will come back. We love connecting with new people and couldn't possibly get to all the people in the room last night, so please come back again, or if you don't plan on it, please tell me what you didn't like. We try to provide the best possible experience and need to know if we drop the ball.

Thanks again, all!

Hi @Ann Bellamy  , thanks again for hosting the event last night. It was once again very informative and I met some great people there. Dan's presentation was certainly nice and I learned a lot.

It was a great event @Ann Bellamy ! I learned a lot about a side of the business I never thought I'd venture in to. Thanks to you and the crew for continuing such an informative and successful meet up!

Great meeting as always Ann.

Dan did do a great job and it was a really interesting talk.

Glad that we are getting the word out on BP and driving people to a great local live event!

Awesome event!! Thank you @Ann Bellamy . Dan's presentation was great and it showed me that those kind of deals are possible even here in Masachussetts. Highly recommend your networking event to everyone in REI

Last night was my first time attending One of the Black Diamond events. So glad I finally did it.  Ann was the first BiggerPockets podcast I ever listened to, now I am hooked. 

Thanks for hosting a great event last night. I wish had the chance to chat with you a bit - next time. 

Thanks, guys, glad you like it.  @Shaun Reilly , you have been a big help to us in helping spread the word.  Just for the record, Shaun's consistent support is not paid and is unsolicited, he just likes what we do.  Any time you have a topic you'd like to see covered, let us know and we'll see if we can come up with an appropriate speaker.  We look for topics of interest to intermediate investors to advanced, on the theory that the many local REIAs do a good job of covering topics that appeal to investors starting out.  

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