October Meetup in Chicago

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  • 10/21/14 06:30PM
  • 7004 W Higgins Ave, Chicago, IL 60656
  • Free

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Only a few weeks until the next meetup for Chicago Real Estate Investors! Remember to email me a short description of what you do and what you are looking for. The day of the event at 1 pm I email out the list to that you may target certain people to talk with.

Email me by October 21st at noon at [email protected]

See you at Dino's Pizza in Norwood Park from 6:30 - 9:30 pm, here are some pictures from the last event

Keywords: Chicago, Joilet, Schaumburg, Niles, Aurora, Naperville, 

Thanks Brie, 

I will be there.  For now, I'd rather not target any particular group of investors, just want to network for now and find out what others are doing.

Thanks again!


@Brie Schmidt  I can't be there. I'm starting my Founder's Institute program on 10/7/14 and will be committed every Tuesday night through 1/27/15. :(

Oh @Danny Duran  I am sorry to hear that!  Hopefully you can make the next Chicago Meetup.  After the October on the third Tuesday of the month is a little close to the holidays.  What are all your thoughts about doing a Chicago Investors Holiday Party and combining the Nov/Dec events?

@Brie Schmidt   I'm planning to attend. Willing to discuss tax lien investing with anyone interested.  I live in the Chicago area, but I mainly invest in liens through online auctions in Arizona and Forida (and occasionaly in tax deeds in other states). Also have an interest in talking with others who make loans from their i40ks to experienced flippers.

I know it seems like forever since we last got together but to remind everyone the Chicago Meetup in NEXT Tuesday,  the third Tuesday of the month falls late this time.  See everyone there!

Keywords: Chicago, Illinois, Naperville, Joilet, Schaumburg, Palatine, Oak Park, Rockford, Aurora, Elgin

I'm definitely interested in learning about tax lien investing @Jerry K. but I'm not able to make the meet on the 21st

Hey @Brie Schmidt  . I haven't been able to make the last couple, but I'm planning to attend next week! Looking forward to seeing everyone. 

@Ana N.  Awesome!  Can't wait to see you!

Hi Brie,

I'll be joining the group this coming Tuesday, finally. Thanks for the invite and hope to see you all there.

John Hamilton

@Brie Schmidt  How big of a group will we have tomorrow in Chicago?  I'm still planning on being there.

Can someone tag Jerry?  I can't right now

Jerry - we typically have 40 - 50 people

I am in Chicago this week and look forward to meeting you all.

I will be there as well!  I will be late because of work but the plan is to attend for sure. 

I will be attending. This will be my first Bigger Pocklets event. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning.

I will be there.

See you tonight folks. I am excited to network with you all.

See everyone tonight!

I will miss this one. See you all next month.

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