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This area would be a great one to start meetups. I know there are serious investors here. And as a newbie, I would love to coordinate something to allow the opportunity for others to network learn and grow as real estate professionals. If there is an experienced investor willing to give back to the community things learned and growing opportunities, I wouldn't mind trying to coordinate a place for us to meet. Or if there are enough newbies or people that want to learn out here that reach out to me, then we can start the group anyway! 

So as of right now -

Time: TBD       Place: TBD     I am taking suggestions from serious investors. And if you are interested, please reply here with possible meetup spots and times.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Hello Christina,

I've had an investment property in Columbus for 3 years now. I've been very interested in joining some kind of meet up for a while now but have not been able to find anyone else interested in the idea. I am very interested in meeting with other investors in the area in order to network.

Awesome! I will try to keep this post updated with a time and place. Just keep on tuning in and I will try to have something set up by next month. Hopefully we will have more people checked in by this time next month and I can get something together by the end of November...

So I this year I want to get a bit more serious about investing in this area. I think I have been stuck in analysis paralysis for a while, and stalking houses... When do you think a good meetup time would be for you guys?  

Did this meetup ever happen?  You could count me in any day of the week 5:00 EST or later.

I am still open to this idea. I live in Fairburn, GA but with enough notice, I could attend any meet up.

When you all are ready to make this happen, count me in as well. I live in Atlanta but I from Columbus, still visit frequently and do deals there as well. 

Hi guys, 

Any movement on this?  We just moved to the area and I'd love to get plugged in.  Thanks in advance, 


Originally posted by :

Has there been any arrangement to meet up? 

 As far as I know, there has not been any arrangements for a meet up.

There is a meet up at the Keller Williams in Columbus on Veterans Parkway. The group is called the "River Cities Investor Roundtable". Meeting the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. Always looking to network if anyone is aware of additional meet ups in the area.

Is the meet up on for this Tuesday August 4th, at 630 in Columbus?

My apologies @Teri Waldrop . I did not see your post until now. That was the meeting to which I was referencing. There next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 1st. Feel free to contact me if you need directions or details.

Should be a meet up at Keller Williams, Veterans Parkway coming up on Tuesday, 6 Oct 15. Hope to see everyone there. Begins about 6:30 according to John's post above. I will say I was lucky to attend and meet some good folks at the August Meet Up which enabled me to reach out to a couple of folks who helped me get some needed info to put a deal together. Although we often times like to go it alone it is nice to be able to reach out to like minded people with open hearts.

My thanks to Patrick, Kelly, and Dave. 

It's tough for me to get down there during the week with my crazy schedule. If there's ever anything during the weekend, I'll try to make it! 

Any of you familiar with Fort Mitchell at all?  I need some advice on the buying and rental market.  Got a deal that I could flip or hold.  I would assume there are many renters in the area due to Ft. Benning being so close but after driving through the area I do not know.

Hey @John Page

Does Keller Williams in Columbus on Veterans Parkway still have the "River Cities Investor Roundtable" meetings?

We do. Our next meet up will be on the 6th of September. Hope to see you there.

Can anyone recommend a good contractor in Columbus?  I used to be neighbors with Tim Gregory but he does more high-end projects.

@John Page

Are you guys still meeting in Keller Williams @ veterans parkway, I would love to attend these events if possible.

Thanks in advance

Guy Noel

I would also attend. I'm interested in buying some property and could use some help getting my team together. I'm in Warner Robins but would love to be a part of this.

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