Chicago "Shark Tank" Meetup for November / December

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  • 12/02/14 06:30PM
  • Dino's Pizza in Norwood Park
  • $1

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We are going to do things slightly different for this meetup.  We will be meeting at Dino's Pizza in Norwood park on December 2nd (combining the November and December meetup because of the holidays) and will be using the first hour for deal presentations with the remainder of the even being networking.  We want to encourage more deal making within the group so thought this was a great way of doing it. 

If you have a deal that you are working on that you need a partner or help with email [email protected] by December 1st.  

We are hoping to do 10 deal presentations with each lasting about 5 minutes.  The rest of the group will have the ability to partner with the person or offer advice.  

We will also be collecting $1 donations to cover the cost of ($180 a year) and name tags and pens.  

Here is the address for Dino's for those of you who have not been there before.  It is about 1/2 mile from the Harlem Blue Line

7004 W Higgins Ave Chicago, IL 60656

Friendly reminder

@Brie Schmidt  

I think it is an awesome idea.

Also a fan of the ABC show, although not big on Kevin O'leary

Thanks! We have about 50 investors each Chicago meetup and are open to ideas on how to encourage more deal making. 

@Brie Schmidt  - This can be a really fun way to learn and to make deals.  You can setup the meeting however you think best suits the group, but we had 5 "Sharks" who reviewed each deal.  These were experienced investors with a relatively diverse background. We tried to get the presenter to think of other ways to put it together, ask questions they hadn't asked, and educate the audience on why something was a good or bad deal.  At least 4 properties were sold after the meeting.  <--All deals are always done at the bar :)

Good Luck!!  

I missed the last couple meetings due to work and being under the weather, but this sounds interesting.  I should be able to make this one.

Hey Brie and Co, we'll try to stop by! We're a late 20's early 30's (don't let it out of the bag that I wrote '30's' or the wife'll hang me!) couple from Oak Lawn.

I've surfed around for a bit here and discovered there were local groups which led me to Brie's group here and her blog too. Awesome stuff Brie and thanks for commandeering the meetings! 

I guess for a little about ourselves, we're both nurses on our second career. In a previous life we went to school for our bachelors in chemistry and exercise science respectively. I'm the science nerd, I just used to work out a bunch - again in a previous life...need to get back to the squat rack but, well...yeah - and we had that in common when we went back to school for nursing I guess; hundreds of hours of study later I was able to eek out a wife as a little value-added bonus with the next degree. Or at least a girlfriend at that time who would then become the wife after another handful of months of [somehow] successfully bamboozling, misleading and keeping up the show of Mr. Perfect. :D

I guess investmentwise... I've pretty much been a pinch penny for a long, LONG time, have 10+ years experience in the stock market but know absolutely zip about real estate (but if you want to talk about my second bible, Ben Graham's "intelligent investor", or the latest Barron's let's grab coffee! No... Seriously because no one we know knows anything about finance or investment or future planning and that gets old - we are self taught from the school of hard knocks, public libraries and Amazon kindles). So just a fair warning: I'm a complete REI noob and if you accidentally let me corner you at the meeting I'll drill you for information like an environmentally insensitive oil fracking firm on the back country of North Dakota.

We're actually pretty cool, and don't worry, in reality I'll be quiet and listening for all of the get togethers I promise. 

I'm Chicago born and raised and know greyslake/Barrington to Kankakee to the streets of the loop/streeterville/gold coast. Used to travel to the XSport in Niles to work out with friends in my fitness days (they're coming back I swear!) and I've been to Drink in Schaumburg and of course the Woodfield mall a few times and hung around palatine quite a bit too so I have no problem hopping on 294/290 to meet up in the area! I like quotes: "If it's alive its worth the drive" was one an older guy who was part of a stock pickers club I used to stop in at would say, and Brie sounds like you've put together an awesome group.

See Ya there can't wait for new friends and new experiences!

-Jett (and Amber)

Wish we had something like this around my way. Maybe once I get my feet wet and make some connections, I'll see about setting something like this up. Great idea!

I will see you there.  I am looking forward to networking with other investors.

Looking forward to attending for the 1st time!

See everyone Tuesday for the Chicago "Shark Tank" Meetup!  Remember to email me at [email protected] if you have a deal to present and if you are attending email me a short description of what you do and what you need.  Email is going out at 8 pm tonight because I am up in Milwaukee buying 5 houses and 13 units tomorrow!

@Brie Schmidt  

Good job Haves and wants is the main stay of a RE brokerage meeting.. I always wondered why its not more prevelant in the REIA type events.. I guess everyone just trys not to openly sell things.. but hey were all here to make deals right.

@Jay Hinrichs  - We started emailing out attendee descriptions a few months ago.  We have about 200 investors on the email list and about 50 show each time - so it is too big to meet everyone.  So we thought by emailing out haves and wants before the meetup people can "target" who they want to talk to before the events so it is more efficient. 

And the meetup is Tuesday at 6:30 at Dino's Pizza in Chicago (Norwood Park off the Harlem Blue Line)

Thanks for organizing Brie.  I have a job now that involves a lot more travel so I am really hoping I can coordinate a trip to Chicago and make one of these events.  Take care and have a fun time!


Originally posted by @Brie Schmidt :

See everyone Tuesday for the Chicago "Shark Tank" Meetup!  Remember to email me at [email protected] if you have a deal to present and if you are attending email me a short description of what you do and what you need.  Email is going out at 8 pm tonight because I am up in Milwaukee buying 5 houses and 13 units tomorrow!

 Congrats Brie I hope the due diligence goes well for you and you're primed for some great cash flow.

@Albert Bui  -  Thanks!  Adding another $85k of gross rents to our portfolio!  I am very excited

Excellent.  I should be back from MKE for the event tonight

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