DENVER December 15th MEETUP!

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  • 12/15/14 06:01PM
  • 1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218
  • Free

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Bicycle Cafe - 1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218

The gracious hosts at Bicycle have offered us drink specials, for BP meetup group only! $2 can specials for your group, as well as happy hour pricing for the evening, which is dollar off drafts/cider/wine.

Come join us!

This is pure networking, we can do introductions of what you do (or want to do) and your name, and then find someone who is doing what you want to do and tackle them.


Anson Young, Real Estate Agent in CO (#14161n)

awesome I will be there Aswell!

Originally posted by @Micki M. :

See you there! Let's see if I can stay up late and shut it down again. (hashtag winter makes me feel old)

 Dont fall for the kids use of hashtags Micki!  #thatwouldbecrazy

Anson Young, Real Estate Agent in CO (#14161n)

I haven't been to a meetup yet. I'd love to attend. 

All right, I am there.  It is on the calendar.  Can't drink that night, and will need to leave by at least 8:30...I have soccer.  But I look forward to meeting you guys. 

Bummed I missed the last one....I'll definitely be there!

wish I could make it- last months was so fun!  See you all in January!

(303) 886-4391

I can actually make it tonight, yes!

Can't make it now. Darn, was hoping to meet everyone. Next month it is I guess!

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