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  • 01/05/15 12:40PM
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Hello BP Community,

I recently moved into my new house out in Hammond, IN and wanted to venture my RE investing out this way. I wanted to network with some local investors and wanted to see if there were any BP meet ups being hosted out this way. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there isn't one currently, is there anyone who would be interested in starting one with me???? Thanks in advance.

Hi Larmon,

I invest in NW Indiana. Where in Hammond do you live? My office is in Hessville. Look forward to meeting you in near future.


Welcome to NW Indiana. There is a NICIA meeting this Thursday ( I am not sure if that is what you are looking for though. I have never been to one of their meeting but am going to try to hit this one. If you are planning a pure BP meetup of sorts I would be interested. 

Welcome to NW Indiana @Larmon Cummings Jr , fellow BPer. I'm currently living in Merrillville, which is a little west of Hammond. I'm currently investing in the south 'burbs of Chicago and would also be interested in investing in a some deals out here in NW Indiana, since I know the area pretty well(been out here since 2007). Regarding setting up a BP meetup, I'm not the right person for getting this sort of thing started, however, would definitely be interested in networking at anytime.

Larmon Cummings Jr welcome to NWIndiana. I would love to start a group. I have been to numerous NICIA meetings in the past. When they switched to Thursday evenings, I couldn't make it. I have also attended many NILA (Northwest Indiana Landlords Association) meetings in Michigan City. They are usually the last Wednesday of the month. Message me if you want to set something up. And, again, Welcome!


Welcome on board. I have been doing a bit with Tax sales in the NW Indiana area for the last couple of years so it would be good to keep in touch. Don't know if I will come to the US this year, but if I do and someone gets a BP group together would be good to catch up when I am in town.

@Hugh Scarlett - my team and I have done several tax sales, and have found some success in it. We also buy properties from those that acquired them through tax deed foreclosure. (If you need an attorney reference let me know privately)

@Larmon Cummings Jr - I met the members of my team at a meeting there in Hammond. We now have over 400 units in NW Indiana as rentals and several more flips. I have gained my peace of mind after many years.

@Dale Stevens - Thanks for the attorney offer, have a good one in Crown Point, but what I am looking for is a builder for a demo and build. Have some concepts and need someone to discuss things with that is happy to do affordable housing using SIPS.

I'm new to real estate investing and I'm hoping to learn from everyone 

@Hugh Scarlett

 sorry for the delayed response. I do not know any full demo and build contractors. Wish I could assist.

Originally posted by @Dale Stevens :

@Hugh Scarlett

 sorry for the delayed response. I do not know any full demo and build contractors. Wish I could assist.

 Thanks Dale. Decided I am going to dump the property, $10 or donate to a charity.

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