Milwaukee Meetup - Saturday Jan 31st

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Hello everyone!

Its that time again. We are back to our normally scheduled program for the meetups. They are back on the last Saturday of the month at Stone Creek Coffee from 9am - Noon. As for a speaker, we are waiting to hear back from a few people. So I will update the thread when I know more.

Schedule will stay the same as well.

Networking starts at 9am - 9:15am
Introductions around 9:15
Speaker will speak for 30-45min

We do have the room till noon, so feel free to network, connect and talk. 

Excited to see everyone!

Sounds good!, thanks for setting this up @Nicole Pettis  

Yeah, I agree, it will be exciting to see everyone.

Hello Everyone! 

We have a speaker! Scott Lurie with Milwaukee Hard Money. He will be speaking to us about the in's and out's of working with a Hard Money Lender.

As many investors know Hard Money Lending is one of the ways you can purchase real estate. Not only is it a way to borrow money, but it can help Real Estate Investors an opportunity to compete in a competitive real estate market, with the ability to close quickly as a cash buyer.

Our speaker comes with years of experience, not only does Scott run Milwaukee Hard Money lending, but he is an investor and property manager himself. So he knows and understands the inner workings of the real estate investor.

So please join us this Saturday morning it will be a great meeting!

Sounds like a good guest speaker.  Thanks for coming through!

looking forward to jumping back in!

sounds good, Scott seems to know his stuff

Thee Scott Lurie....

@Nicole Pettis  

Thank you for putting this meeting together. I believe this will be one of the best meetings yet. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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