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Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

I'm looking for the best ideas you've come across at a BP meetup or a REIA. What did you get the most out of? Is there something you haven't seen but wish someone was doing it?

Tonight I'm hosting a meetup with a tax specialist coming to discuss how to prep for taxes. Its really great timing for that right now. 

Generally, we do a round the room introduction stating who we are, what we do and if we have any deals or what we're looking for. We have a speaker start to discuss their presentation and then follow up with questions. 

In Boise, we have one personally recommended vendor speak for 5-8 minutes before the main program.   It is a good place to find a reputable lender, carpet cleaner, mold expert, plumber, etc.  We also make sure to allow plenty of time for networking at the end.  

Steven, our REIA is having a tax guy this month too.

My REIA did a Shark Tank a couple of months ago and it was more interesting than the typical meeting. A twist on that would be to have before and after presentations. Let people pitch a deal they are getting ready to do and then let them come back and give a quick presentation when it's over. l've never heard of anyone doing this though.

Jonna,  how do people seem to like that format?  

Ooops - don't like that floating mouse. As I was saying. . .

@Richard McCray  McCray McCray  McCray (<-what is going on?->) & Robert Leonard @Robert Leonard - I thought you'd like this thread. Some innovative ideas could pop up.

@Brett K.  , Richard & Robert host the 2 Louisiana meetings I attend. I like how both meetings host a speaker (as others noted above.) The speaker has 20/30 min with interaction, unless they request Q/A at the end. Most of us investors can't sit 5 minutes quietly.

The speaker is typically someone who provides a real estate related service.

Each group encourages attendee introductions & sharing of 'deals.' Of course, networking is encouraged before & after the meeting.

CHALLENGE - I'm sure all meetings run into this: controlling the stories, personalized questions & unending "what if" scenarios - or, that introduction that goes back to the Korean War. The many rabbit holes can quickly eat the time. If you're reading this, & you are the host of a meeting YOU ARE THE ONE who maintains the control. Reel attendees in who monopolize the speaker, encouraging them to contact the speaker later.

Also, BEWARE of potential disagreements in opinions. Keep them under control & NEVER allow an attendee to be bullied. Nip it in the bud, reminding everyone, "We don't have to agree."

IDEA - Lately, I've thought I'd like the speaker to be one of our local investors, sharing like the BP podcasts do. We have a wealth of knowledge sitting in the room & I can't gather it all while networking. Yes, I could take them to lunch, but I love the mastermind effect of more people. @Richard McCray, one of my favorite meetings. . .

( Something funky is going on with my computer. Paw Paw are you trying to come through while I'm on the computer?)

One of my favorite meeting was when Richard shared one of his rehab projects. Maybe I'll set up a separate time for  this. . .Simply Stories. . .

Brett, thanks for starting this thread. I'd like to see more ideas.

Tami (not Chad)

Thanks Tami (@Tami DuBose  ) for the feedback.

We've done a case study in the past and we didn't mention it at this week's meeting, but those are always welcome at our meetup.

Some of our most popular meetups were on these topics:  Multifamily Property Investing, Flips gone wrong (over-improvement is such a common novice mistake), and one on USRDA financing to explain how to make it easy to sell your properties and how to find the areas that qualify for special financing.

@Robert Leonard ,

I'm curious to know if you guys video these meetings?  I'm not aware of any meetup groups closer than a 3 - 5 hour one way trip for me.  But would be interested in watching any videos of the meetups in Louisiana.


@Jeff V. Nah, we don't video our meet ups. Would you be interested in a Lake Charles meetup? There's too much going on there to be without a meetup group for REI. There was one that dissolved about a year ago.

@Jeff V.  , videoing is a great idea. I think the challenge might come in with liability concerns of presenters & respondents. I know I occasionally share an idea or two that worked for me but wouldn't want to be held liable if it didn't work for others.

However, Facetime or some other live broadcast option is attractive.

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