Central Jersey Meeting – March 2015

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  • 03/26/15 06:30PM
  • Surf Taco, 1003 Main Street in Belmar, NJ
  • Free

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This meeting will be a little more open-ended and more of a discussion format than our last few meetings. Some of the topics we'll touch upon will be purchasing land and thinking of creative ways to make a property profitable. For instance, what are some alternative uses for a property and how else can you market a house other than as a personal residence?

We'll also have time to get to know each other a little and for networking. We may also hear from someone about a deal in progress or a past deal. By examining case studies we can all learn new perspectives, approaches, ideas, etc. whether the particular deal went well or poorly. We as a group can also help to offer suggestions going forward for the person to help in their current deal and/or future deals.

Date & Time

Thursday, March 26, 2015. Please feel free to start showing up at 6:30. We'll start the "official" part of the meeting at 7:00. That will allow some time for everyone to trickle in, order some food, and do a little networking. The meeting will end around 8:30/9:00. The restaurant closes at 9PM.


We'll be meeting at Surf Taco in Belmar. Parking is on the street and should not be a problem. There are no meters. Once you enter the building, the counter and menu will be directly in front of you. Everyone will be on their own regarding dinner. Order whatever you'd like at the counter. There will not be a server coming to us to take orders.

We'll be meeting in a room they call "The Gallery". From the counter where you order, you'll walk directly to the left and then turn and go up about two steps on the right. You can always ask where the Gallery is or where the meeting is being held. The line staff won't know that it's a REI meeting specifically, just that it's a group of some sort with the Gallery room reserved.


  • All are welcome to attend. There are no prerequisites or experience requirements.
  • Please let me know if you plan to attend (and if you're bring a guest). I need a head count for the restaurant.
  • Free to attend.

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I'm "in" Mark, thanks for organizing.  See you there.

Hi @Mark S. ,

I'll be out of town that whole week, so I will not be able to attend unfortunately.  Please keep me informed of the next meetup.

Take care,


@Alison Decastro - I'll see you there. I'll bring the book I borrowed at the meeting in Middletown.

@Michael Germinario - Sorry you'll miss it, but I'll keep you posted on the next one.

I am in.  Might be a +1.  Looking forward to it.  

REI and Surf Taco? I'm in!

Hey Mark, thanks for organizing, I plan to be there!


 Is this just a meet and greet or is there an itinerary... Any special guests or topics  being discussed...

Thank you


@Mark S.

UGHHH! I just saw the itinerary and topix at the top of the page.... Hope to make it but a scheduling conflict might interfere.... Will let you know...



@Mark S. It's on my calendar, Thanks.

FYI @David T . I sent you an email about this meeting, but it got returned as undeliverable. 

Thanks Mark. I will be there. 

Unfortunately, a number of people have contacted me saying that they will not be able to attend the meeting on Thursday. Therefore, I've decided to cancel the meeting for now. It will be rescheduled, perhaps on a different day of the week, and a new thread will be created with the updated information.

@Justin Fraser   @Roxy Coburger   @David T   @Wally Smythe  @Alison Decastro

thanks for the heads up.  see you soon

Look forward to the next meetup! I am Distressed Mortgage investors looking to share my current deals and or JV with a few people.

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