South Jersey Meetup

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  • 04/08/15 09:58AM
  • South Jersey
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Hi, I am thinking of starting a south jersey meetup for real estate investors and angel investors and self directed IRA investors to meet and do business. I am trying to get a feel to see what the interest level is in this area. Would anyone here be interested in this group if I set it up?

I would be interested. I always want to make it to one of the meetings they hold in cherry hill but I never seem to be available when the meetings are happening.

Hey Michael, I have toyed with the idea of starting a online meetup for the south Jersey area. If you are open to make your meetup also happen online, lets connect and join powers.

I would be interested in joining along with a few connects of mine.

Hi guys, I did start the meetup group and need a bunch more people to sign up to make it worth it.  Please sign up at this link so I can get an idea of people interested.

So how is South Jersey doing? I recently had interest in a single family flip in the Rio Grande area. The realtors in that area told me there was about a 12 month supply there. Any places near you moving really well?

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