Here's How I Am Getting Even with the Gurus: By telling the world the truth about wholesaling - and leaving no secrets behind!!!

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  • 04/28/15 06:00PM
  • Hyatt Place - 2750 Greenspoint Parkway Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
  • Free

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I hate the gurus. They tell you that if you pay them a few thousand dollars they will teach you how you can buy real estate with no money down, do little to NO work and you will make MILLIONS. That's a bunch of [email protected]*p! Many people shelled out thousands of dollars (one on BP even paid $41,000!) to pay the gurus so they will reveal their secrets. But all they got is one upsell after another.

Well...I am here to get even with the gurus.

On April 28, I will tell you the secrets that the gurus have been keeping close to the vest. This is a NO holds barred, no secrets left behind seminar with NO upsells. I entitled my talk:

"The Truth About Wholesaling - Without the Hype and Without the BS!"

Oh, and to get even with the gurus - this talk is absolutely FREE. And again, NO UPSELLS!

But before I tell you why I am doing this and what's in it for me...let me tell you what I am going to cover:

1) I will discuss What is Wholesaling

2) I will reveal, regardless of your investing level (newbie, experienced or veteran-expert), why you should consider wholesaling as a profit center or a real estate exit strategy in your tool belt

3) I will discuss step-by-step how I was able to wholesale HUD deals which cannot be assigned (and I don't even need transactional funding!)

4) I will reveal the mistakes wholesalers make - if you make one of these mistakes, you can kiss your real estate investing career "goodbye"; and

5) I will show you how you too can succeed in wholesaling

So why am I sharing my secrets and doing it for free? Well, my "hidden agenda" is for me to share with you what I am doing. You get to see the properties I have for sale. If you like my properties and you have the means to buy them, my hope is you will buy them from me. If you like to invest in my properties but you have not bought your first deal yet and you need help, we can partner on them and I will hold you by the hand and we'll make money together. You see...I make my money buying and selling real estate - not in charging people for real estate education. I give the education for free and by doing so, I attract buyers, sellers, investors, joint venture partners and lenders. In fact, I have set a goal here on BP to JV with enough BP members to earn $1 MILLION in 12 months! So attend this talk if you want to JV with me and have a share of that $1 Million.

To register for this FREE event, click HERE

The venue is at Hyatt Place (Hoffman Estates) and I will start my 90-minute talk promptly at 6:30 PM. But be there by 6 PM. Last time I did this, I have an overflow of people (60 expected and 100 attended!) so much so that there's a 15-minute delay as the organizers scrambled to find seats and the place was standing room only!

Thanks and see you on April 28.


P.S. This event is organized and hosted by Tanis Group Realty. Usually real estate investors like me find it hard to deal with real estate agents. Agents don't know how investors think - like they don't want to deal with low-ball offers from us investors. This is NOT true with Tanis Group Realty because it's founded by a real estate investor.

@Wendell De Guzman I think this is a great thing you're doing and an awesome opportunity for locals here in Chicago to be able to attend a meeting like this and for it to be free. It's great to someone local share their successes and their failures and really reach out to people to help. I've never attended a meeting before as I am introverted but I think it's time to put that aside and do more to help myself succeed. I don't know If you remember me but I messaged you a few weeks ago with a colleague request and told you I'm very interested in flipping houses but I'm currently planning for a wedding in May so I have to hold of until after the wedding.

But I will definitely attend this event because wholesaling and flipping go hand in hand. And I would be very interested in connecting sometime very soon after the wedding for a JV or any other way I can be of help to you while gaining knowledge and experience from you. I look forward to meeting you

You really come off like a late night infomercial. Not a criticism, just an observation. 

Account Closed a little, the 1 million without further explaination smells a bit to everyone who makes 5k on a deal or $300 a door. However, I like it. Good luck man!

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