Cashflow 101 game night #3 - Warsaw, Indiana

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  • 05/15/15 07:00PM
  • 358 Enterprise Dr. Warsaw, IN
  • Free

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Attention investors from northern Indiana. 

We have partnered with Indiana REIA Fort Wayne and we are hosting our third Cashflow 101 game night / meet-up on Friday, May 15th. We are trying to host a game once a month. The meet-up doubles as a networking and discussion opportunity for everyone involved.

We usually host the game at the CoWork facility in downtown Fort Wayne, but we are now going to alternate locations every month. This month we will host in Warsaw, Indiana.

Location: 358 Enterprise Dr. Warsaw, IN (@James Bausch office)

Start time: 7pm

The Cashflow 101 board game is one of the best ways to simulate your investing career without risking your hard earned money. Playing with other investors is a great way to learn different investing strategies and bounce ideas off of fellow players. We use the game nights as a chance to network and make new friends in the investing world.

A little info about the game:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” stresses the value of games, particularlyMonopoly, as tools for learning basic financial strategies such as “trade four green houses for one red hotel.” Kiyosaki has created several games to reinforce the information in his books.

“Cashflow 101″ is a board game designed by Kiyosaki, which aims to teach the players concepts of investing and making money.

There are two stages to the game. In the first, “the rat race”, the player aims to raise his or her character’s passive level to where it exceeds the character’s expenses through a variety of investment options. The winner is determined in the second stage, “the fast track.” To win, a player must get his character to buy his “dream” or accumulate $50,000 in monthly cash flow.

The game forces the players to do the accounts by themselves. In place of “score cards”, there are financial statements. (There is now an app available as a companion to the game. Cashflow Calculator in the app store for iPhone and Android) Therefore, players can see more clearly what is happening with their money. It generally shows how assets generate incomes and liabilities and ‘doodads’ affect expenses.

Basic strategies involved in this game are: buying and selling stocks, cashflow, appreciation, and leverage.

This is a public event. Anyone is welcome. We are not selling or pitching anything. We simply want to bring like minded people together to share ideas in a fun environment.  Hope to see you there!

We usually hit up a pizza joint afterwards, so any suggestions from the Warsaw area members will be appreciated. We like good pizza!

Friday - May 15th - 7pm

Post a reply if you can make it.

@Jared Meerzo @Kirk Olson

 @Jay Redding

I will put this date in my calendar and try to make it. Im so busy I can't promise but I will definitely try.

Angelo's pizza in the mini mall in front of Walmart is pretty good pie.

Hey I'll be there and I'm really looking forward to it.  I really enjoyed the last one and I hope we can get a few more folks there.

If you're coming to Warsaw, I don't have much of an excuse not to come!

Looking forward to meeting you guys.

I might attend. Sounds interesting! 

I work till 10 but if you guys are still there then I will stop by!


Cashflow game is tonight!! 

Re/Max Realty Office

358 Enterprise Dr. Warsaw, IN


See you there! 

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