North Dallas / Collin County Meeting?

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  • 05/22/15 06:00PM
  • somewhere in downtown Mckinney
  • Free

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I am an investor located in Mckinney, Texas and I was interested in arranging a monthly networking meeting.  I know there is one in the Fort Worth area but I didn't know if I missed one that was closer?  If there isn't already something set up please let me know if you would be interested in attending such a function.  I was thinking of an informal gathering on a Friday or Saturday night.  Let me know.



I am in Dana. Have been looking for something closer to me!

Hi @Dana Chun ,

I was asking something similar here: but I like your idea. 

I was actually having lunch with a good friend of mine today who is also a RE broker and I was telling him all about BP and how I wished there was a REI group up here to meet with. He then suggested that I organize a meeting and he would offer his office or other place if we had a bunch of people.

His office is in Richardson right off Campbell and 75. If that isn't too far south for you I can get that location.


Thanks for offer Tony, but I was actually thinking of something a happy hour where we can just get to know one another.  I was thinking that maybe a Thursday would be better.  It would be less crowded and we could make it from 5:30-7:30 if people can make it that early.  We can move the meeting around in Collin County every month.  Let me know what you guys think.  I think there are quite a few local members.  It might just take some time to get the word out.

Hi Guys. I'm new to DFW and new to the forums. I would love to try to meet up as well. I'm in Richardson too. 

I would attend at 75 and Campbell. Saturdays would work best for me. Attending Brandon Turners webinars on Thursday and then

I'm interested in how this develops. Keep me posted.

@Dana Chun - We don't have to use his office. He just offered. There is a Fox & Hound pub at Coit & Campbell that could work.

I would love to attend but my work schedule may not allow it. Good luck and who knows maybe my hours will shift and I will be able to make it.

McKinney would be great for me and my wife.  Depending on the date, one or both of us would like to attend.

I am so glad that there is interest in the meeting!  I'm sure we will not be able to accommodate everyone.  We can rotate the meeting every month.  Tony Hernandez, would you like to coordinate the meeting for June?   Why don't we go for Friday May 22st 5:30-7:30 at the Pub in Downtown Mckinney.   If the turnout is small it'll be easier for us to get to know each other anyway.  Let me know if this day / time works for some of you.  

@Dana Chun Sure! I know there a few Richardson folks around so that will be good. 

@Dana Chun thanks for setting this up. I am going to try my best to make it out. Would love to meet some investors in the area :)

Hi guys, I'm planning to attend this meeting. Is there an address for this pub?

looking forward to meeting all of you!  

I picked the place because it's pretty spacious.  I hope it's not too crowded.  When I get there I will post where we are so we can all find each other.

The pub

(972) 369-1800 || 204 W. Virginia St McKinney, TX 75069

I'm definitely interested. Might not be able to make it on May 22nd, but keep me posted for future events.

May not be able to attend the May meetup but definitely interested. Thank you all for setting this up. 

The Google calendar I created can be access here:

You can use it to get the event on your calendar.

I am definitely interested as well. I don't know if I can get off work on time but I will try my best to make it.


My sister and I are just beginning a property investment company and would love to meet other like minded people.  We live in Dallas but will try to make it.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send out a reminder about the networking event on Friday.  

Friday May 22   5:30-7:30PM

The pub

(972) 369-1800 || 204 W. Virginia St McKinney, TX 75069

I will post something when I get there so that we can find each other.  

Looking forward to meeting you!


Sorry, I just posted that from my husband's account by accident!

Hope to see you there.  Feel free to text if you can't find it.


917 478 6280

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