INTERESTED?? New Meet Up Group for NW Suburban Chicagoland

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  • 06/14/15 06:00PM
  • TBD
  • Free

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Trying to gauge if there's an interest in joining a new BP Meet Up Group for the NW suburbs of Chicago:

  • Focus is on networking, networking, networking!
  • NO upsells, gurus, or speakers
  • Format is Simple-  One power-hour: 30 min- Topic-specific / 30 min: Q&A
  • No company-sponsored anything, just RE investors connecting, sharing, building community in person, and creating opportunities to learn from each other and work together

Respond to let me know if YES you're invited, and WHERE you're located.  

Looking to start meeting by mid-June!

Hi Shelly,

I'm a new investor living in Huntley interested in meet ups closer than Chicago... involvement at this point from a listen and learn perspective. Hopefully you'll get some interest in this - if so, I'd like to attend.


I would be interested.  Live in Elgin and office in Bartlett.  

I live in Crystal Lake and would be interested.

I'm a little farther south (Lisle), but would be willing to drive some.  Again, I'm in a listen and learn mode.

Hi Shelly

This sounds great and I've been looking for a local group to join and learn with.  I'm in the Elgin/St. Charles area but would enjoy meeting in person once a month to discuss investing topics!  Let me know when the meetings start.



I am interested. I been looking for a local group.  I live in the Carpentersville area with interest in the northwest suburbs as well as Chicago.  I am new to real estate investing and I am looking to listen, learn, and network.  Please let me know where/when.

love it!

I'm in. Barrington Hills area. 

YES!!! I think Naperville would be a good area to meet ;)

I'm interested, located in Wheaton but willing to drive:)

interested.  in Wheaton as well.

I'm interested.  I live in Batavia

@Laniece Miller

There is a RE meeting in Lisle every month that's really good. there's no sales and the people are really friendly. I think it's the only non profit REI club in DuPage county.

Otherwise, I'm up near Arlington Heights.  I'd like something close by too

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 Thanks everyone for your interest!  

In fact, your great interest has birthed the NW Chicagoland BP Meet Up Group...take a look here and sign up!  Due to the limited spots at this first meeting, please sign up quickly!  Details will follow!  We have a great first meeting planned!!!  

I am not seeing where to sign up on the page. 

Sorry I'm brainless today!

I have signed up and look forward to the first meeting! 

Yes, looking forward! I'm in Chicago.


Great to see the meeting is in a couple of days. Unfortunately for those of us who work during the day, an 8:30 am time will be difficult. Would love to see a lunch or afternoon meet up.

Take care.

That didn't come out quite right.... let me rephrase...

... for those of us that work other jobs during the day aside from RE.



Curious how the first meet up went. Sorry I wasn't able to make it... looking forward to meeting everyone at the next one.


Just signed up. Thanks for organizing, Shelly!

I am located in Oswego, but I am open to traveling to meet up with a great group of like-minded individuals!

Hi Shelly,

So sorry to see that I missed this event.  Would very much be interested in any future meetings.  Please let me know if you're planning on coordinating a meet-up again in the near future.  I'm in northwest suburban Addison.  Thank you!

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