June Las Vegas Area Meetup

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  • 06/30/15 06:00PM
  • Nacho Daddy - Henderson
  • $15.00

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We'll be meeting again after a few months off.  The meeting spot is Nacho Daddy in Henderson on Eastern Avenue.  This is primarily a networking event with sharing of some ideas and market updates.  

The cost is $15 for food and the room.  You pay the $15 whether you eat or not, so come hungry.  

If you'd like to attend please RSVP here:  Meetup.com

Excellent I was just going to ask about this. Can't wait to see everyone

Great!  My wife and I should be able to attend!  Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Bump....hope you have a great turn out!

I will be in Vegas for most of the summer but I will be in MA and RI for a part of July. I bought a one way ticket so how long I will stay out there will depend on how many deals I have going on out there. If it is worth it for me to stay out there I will stay longer. If not I will come back as my Vegas business has been much busier than east coast over the past year. Hope to see you at some meet ups now that they are going again.

Damn just missed this. 

Please invite me to the next one. 

We had a great turnout, and several new faces came too.  See you at the next one.

Please add me to the next meetup. I'd love to meet everyone and network. 

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