Fairfield, CT Real Estate Meet-Up (July 29, 2015)

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  • 07/29/15 07:00PM
  • Anna Liffey's: 1494 Post Road, Fairfield CT 06824
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. Poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event.

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The Fairfield, CT Real Estate Meet-Up! Where deals have been made, partners got started, money exchanged hands (not only for the bar tab) and great connections established.
  • No cost to attend.
  • No upsell.
  • No products being pitched.
  • ONLY NETWORKING at a cool bar in Fairfield!

If you haven't been to this meet-up yet and you are interested in Connecticut real estate, I would highly recommend it. It's very laid back at a really fun Irish bar, with great people and we try to make it so you can meet everyone that's attending. Please post on this forum if you can make it and where you're coming from.

  • Time: 7pm - 9pm 
  • At 7:45pm: everyone introduces themselves and what they do and this helps you meet the people that you came to network with. 
  • Average Attendance: About 20 - 30 people per meet-up

[ONE REQUEST: Please buy at least one drink (non-alcoholic works too) or food at the bar. The prices are very reasonable.]

There is plenty of parking nearby and across the street. If you're from Fairfield County, Hartford County, New Haven County, Middlesex County or other areas in New York/NYC that might benefit from the meet-up we would love if you would join. Thanks!

I will pass this on to our retirement account clients in that area. Thank you.

Hey Jonathan, I'll be there.  That's awesome that you have something set up like this in southern CT, I look forward to meeting everyone. 

I live in Hamden and work in Wilton.

Just a reminder about the Fairfield Connecticut meet-up on Wednesday night (July 29th). This is really a great place to be if you're learning the business and want to network especially if you want to get in the CT market. 

(Details above.)

Bump for the Fairfield County Connecticut real estate meet-up tonight. C'mon and post if you'll be there.


I'll be there!!! Ready for one hell of a night!

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