Charlotte NC meetup

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I looking to have a meet and greet in Charlotte. I'm looking at maybe the first Saturday in August.  The location and time is undetermined. It could be brunch,  lunch, or whatever.  The event will not be sponsored and nothing will be pitched.

Updated over 6 years ago

Location: 3015 Hilliard Drive Charlotte 28205.. Time: 1030am

I'm just South of you in North Georgia and I'd love to come and sit in and just learn, talk, chat, whatever. Extremely new to REI. Please keep us updated on time and place specifics. Plus, any excuse I can get to visit Charlotte I'll take. I love that city. So clean and nice.

We can have a Meeting at one of my rehabs in charlotte that has been recently finished... It wont be enough seating but alot of space.. 

I got 1 that is done but PArking might be an issue.  The rest of them are in the process.. But we can still make it work.. If everybody is cool with that I am good with it as well.. 

I'm new here but am a contractor that focuses on investor rehabs and want to get into doing our own flip in the future. If you wouldn't mind having a local contractor at this meeting I would love to meet new investors in the area.

@Justice Cannie ok change the address to to the event to 3015 Hilliard Drive Charlotte 28205.. Lets do 1030am.. That 1 has ample parking.. however it has no so everyone be prepared to stand.. also its totally under construction...