Oklahoma City July Meet Up

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  • 07/28/15 12:00PM
  • Casa De Los Milagros Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, 5111 N. Classen Blvd., OKC, 73118.
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. Poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event.

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When: 7/28/2015 at 12 pm. 4th Tuesday of the month.

Where: Casa De Los Milagros Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, 5111 N. Classen Blvd., OKC, 73118.

Everyone is welcome. The only cost is your lunch if you chose to eat.

NOTE: Please bring ideas for a better meeting location. I am running behind as always :)! I did not get to look into the suggestions from last month.

This is a networking event. We are having lunch and sharing our current projects, successes and struggles. There is no speaker or expectation of participation on anyone's part. Please come and listen or ask questions. We have had some very good discussions about the local market and activities of the local investing community.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please let me know if you are coming so I can have a rough head count. Please come anyway if your schedule opens up and you did not tell me!

Keywords- Oklahoma City, Norman, Midwest City, Yukon, Edmond, Mustang

@Rhett Tullis

@JJ Gritts

@Faye Herl

@Deborah Burian

Please pass the word!

I will be there unless something comes up. 

I will definitely be there.

Looking forward to it! 

Thanks for putting together, Paul!

I'll check my calendar in the morning. 

Would love to meet & listen to your experiences!


I have never been to one of these meetings. Can someone explain how one is conducted or what to expect? Thank you in advance. 

@Todd G.

Generally you will show up and there are one or two of us standing around awkwardly asking each other and random strangers if we/they are here for the BP Meet up. I like to think of this time as an ice breaker! If you are late, we will generally have been seated and you should just ask for the real estate group. 

There is no format so far (this is the 6th one). We usually introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about where we are in the investing spectrum and what we are working on. Feel free to let everyone know what you are looking for out of this group. Since we have had a lot of turnover, we usually just let the intros guide the discussion. If there is 5-6 people the discussion generally stays a group thing. I have noticed that when there are more, everyone tends to speak to those closest to them because it is in an open restaurant and it is hard for everyone to hear. It will be nice to get a better space. With eating, there is not much time for anything else.

This is very informal and there is no presentation or expectation of anyone to do anything. You are welcome to sit back and listen or ask/answer questions as you feel comfortable. I am not the "leader" and it is not my group. There is no right or wrong other than I feel there is a certain spirit to BP and I want to maintain that in the group. I am not interested in buying any programs or coaching and I don't sell anything. I believe most of the group agrees with that sentiment. Everyone is (so far) an adult and you are welcome to buy/sell etc from the relationships you form here.

Just so you know (and anyone else who cares) I do this because it is motivating for me and provides me a forum to seek new ideas and understand the local market. I believe someday I can find partners and capital investors as this group grows. I am very turned off by the sales pitcheness of other groups and I am not interested in joining one of them or creating one. However, I have found BP to be an amazing resource and has taken my knowledge 10X!!!!! The individuals coming so far have been an amazing combination of experienced and just starting out and I leave the meetings fired up.

If you have any other questions let me know.

(Edited to make it clear- I have no problem with anyone coming with the purpose of making money. I hope we are all here for that reason. Everyone should be above the board on what they are doing.)

I will bring this the attention of our clients in your area that invest their retirement funds in real estate. 

just a bunch of awkward real estate nerds getting together in okc...hoping to make some great deals.

@Rhett Tullis that pretty much sums it up.

@Paul Choate stop telling  everyone this isn't your group...lol. Really though man, I'm glad you took the time to get this started, and I think it will continue to grow. I like to think of this as an informal mastermind/newbie group that is growing organically. See you Tuesday. 

Hello everyone,

I am a long time follower of BP but haven't really contributed. I own 1 SFR on my own and a 2nd SFR with a partner. I live in Edmond and would love to meet up with you guys at this lunch next week if you don't mind.



@Paul Choate

Shoot--that is the one day this month that I'll be out of town!

Are you thinking 4th Tuesday for future meetups? I can add it to my calendar.

See you all there!

@Frank B.

Yes, all of the meetings have been and will be on the fourth Tuesday at noon. (Tuesdays are when I am in OKC for court :)) We will discuss a better meeting place this month for the future.

@JJ Gritts suggested adding a quarterly evening meet up for those who cant get off work. We will talk about that as well. I like the idea but my family commitments limit my evenings severely. Everyone please bring your ideas and suggestions. 

@Rhett Tullis

 and @JJ Gritts

 explained this group better than my book. If you want to go to a place and talk about your plans and ideas without everyone thinking you are crazy, this is it. Thanks everyone for the great response.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday. I plan to be there. 

I posted the meeting details to Facebook


@Gina Byrd - check out this lunch put together by your neighbor, @Paul Choate. Hope to see you there!

I have been wanting to make it to one of these.  I am looking ahead for August and see it will be on the 25th.  I am going to put in for that day off work now to make sure I can be there.

Looking forward to attending for the first time.

Trevor Shettron

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