Chicago South ( and Suburbs) Meetup 8/25!

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  • 08/25/15 06:30PM
  • Petey's II 15900 S La Grange Rd Orland Park, IL
  • Free

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Hi Everyone,

Glad to have the next BP meetup booked-they will be the last Tuesday of the month. Also, notice the different location from last time. :)

The meeting will be 100% networking with introductions so we can all get to know each other, share stories, and do some business.

Looking for a wide variety of people to attend from all aspects and experience levels of Real Estate Investing, so if you know someone that might fit, please bring them!

Any questions please contact me at the email or phone below. See you on the 28th!


I'll be coming from NWI.

im coming. Hopefully with deals to shop. Working on a couple now

Looking forward to being there.

Thanks Jeff!  My husband John and I will be there.

Yea. Finally. A group that is 30 mins or less from me. 
I will definitely be there.

Looking forward to talking real estate. I know my wife gets a little tired of hearing me talk real estate. It'll be fun to talk investing with people that love it as much as I do. 

The only question I have is: What time do they close? I need to know what time to tell the wife to expect me home. :-)

I would like to attend. I'm in Chicago, at McCormick Place, but I would like to try a meeting out south and meet with other investors. I'm going to make the effort to finish work a little early. 

Hey there,

I will be there, Looking forward to networking!

@Edward Adekanbi I have some deals in your backyard for you.  I will share them with you at the meeting... 

Excited about tomorrow-we should have good group!

Rats!  Just missed it...  Something brewing for September?

Hey @Shawn M Hannan they're the last Tues of the month. I'll post the next one soon-we're still looking for a permanent location. 

Wow, I just realized today that I missed this month's meetup. I'll have to make myself monthly reminders to check the site a few days before the event. Hey @Jeff Valentino , maybe we can come up with some type of event invite system on here or another site so that we can get the word out about the meet ups and everyone can have a way to add the event to their calendars. 

Originally posted by @Jeff Valentino :

Hey @Shawn M Hannan they're the last Tues of the month. I'll post the next one soon-we're still looking for a permanent location. 

 Mama Maria's lol

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