Argo's Fishtown Philadelphia Reno Celebration and Open House

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If you've been following our Fishtown Flip, you may like to attend our open house/celebration/excuse to drink free beer and talk about real estate party on 12/4. We'd love to see anyone from BP that is interested in stopping by! RSVP link below:

@David Ross @Jeremy T.  

Tagging a few others - Hey guys, open invite if you would like to come out and catch up, drink beers, check out a project and network with other real estate professionals. If not, hope you have a great holiday season!

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Originally posted by @Janelle Green :

I'm going to try to make it.  I used to live on Thompson Street. I look forward to seeing how it turned out.  

 Great, looking forward to meeting you! 

Posted on the build diary as well: Monday we received a full price offer, closing in 5 weeks, and the only contingencies are mortgage and inspection. We had other offers pending but none would be ready by the time we had to accept this offer; the buyers gave us 24 hours to accept which was smart on their end as they didn't want a bidding war.

We accepted! Not bad, full price offer within 48 hours of listing...

*Looks like I forgot the link above so here's the link to the listing:



There is a saying by Bob Marley "Who Jah Bless no man curse".  With that being said congratulations couldn't have happened to a better guy and team. You and your partner are truly in deservance of this. Always willing to help out a fellow investor. I still owe you a cup of coffee fyi.