Dayton Real Estate Networking Meetup (2/8/16)

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Dayton Ohio Real Estate Networking (2/8/16)

Get to know other local investors and landlords.

No formal presentations and no specific topics. Ask questions, start and join conversations.

You're encouraged to bring your deals and what you're looking for.

RSVP for location in Beavercreek.

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This event occurs monthly on the second Monday of each month.

@Darrin Carey

I enjoyed last time a lot and would be happy to come again.  You and your wife have organized a nice group of people.  Also that party room is nice to have.  I am looking forward to meeting more of the people from the group.  

Best Regards,


I have been trying to make it to these events every month! I can make it to this event however I cant be there until 7:15. Do you think it will be worth me coming? Im not sure how long you go until or if me walking in an hour late will interrupt anything?? Just let me know what you think! Thanks!