Central Pennsylvania Investor Meetup: Tax Sales

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We are co-hosting a free Central PA real estate meetup next Tues, Aug 16, at Lebanon Valley College that might be helpful for some folks on here to attend. The meetup will bring together a bunch of experts who have bought a lot of properties at tax sales.... and what you need to know before you do (these people can save you a lot of money with their knowledge). We have personally been to all the major tax sales (Judicial and Upset) in Central PA including York, Lancaster, Harrisburg (Berks), and Reading (Dauphin) and each one is a little different.

The monthly real estate meetup is for real estate investors of all levels of experience and is the third Tues each month. We have free pizza and networking @630 and the content kicks off @7. Besides the content.... you can meet some really interesting people who are investing across Pennsylvania. More info on the monthly meetup is available here: meetup.com/Lebanon-County-Real-Estate-Investing-Meetup/ 

Hope to meet you all there!

Thanks for the post.  I will try to be there.  

Great.... look forward to meeting you.  Should be a pretty wide range of investors across the area, which usually leads to good conversation.  We'll have red signs up.  The building is called Lynch Memorial Hall, and the room is 190 (but you should see signs to direct you).  

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