RE360 Shreveport/Bossier City Meet-up - September 2016

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  • 09/15/16 06:00PM
  • Zocolo's Neighborhood Eatery & Drinkery - 436 Ashley Ridge Blvd, Shreveport, LA 71106
  • Free

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Hey Everybody! Our local RE360 group will be meeting this Thursday, September 15th 2016 at 6pm. We will be getting together at Zocolo's in Ashley Ridge behind Outback in Shreveport again. Unfortunately, I am in Houston for work this week and will be unable to make it, but I hope you all are able to gather and have a great time networking without me! :)

We had a great turnout last month and we're hoping for another awesome gathering. Hopefully everybody that wasn't able to make it in August will be available to join us this month. I know the weather was a little crazy last time, but this week it's looking a lot more promising.

If there's anybody you know that you think would benefit from hanging out and networking with some amazing investors in Shreveport/Bossier City, please spread the word. The more the merrier! Newbies to seasoned investors all welcome.

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Hope to be there -sans baby- tomorrow! Thanks for the invite. Also, does anyone have info on the SB REIA? Their site's been down and I would like to connect with that group as well too. Thanks! JJ

The SBREIA meet-up will be Monday, September 19th at 6:00. It's held at Piccadilly in the St. Vincent Mall. I should be back in town for that one, so I hope to see you there!

Hi Dustin,

I'm a wholesaler up in the Grambling/Ruston area who specializes in investment properties in college markets.  Please let me know when your next meeting will be.  Would love to attend!  Thanks!

Lena Claybon

Property Gems


Hey Lena! I will absolutely tag you when I make a post for next month, but if you want to throw it in your calendar ahead of time, it will be October 20th at 6:00pm at Zocolo's in Shreveport. Looking forward to meeting you!!


Dustin Bowen

Ah man Jon I am so sorry I told you the wrong date!!!! We have another real estate meet-up at Piccadilly's on the third Monday of the month (tonight) and that was the date that I told you. The meet up for RE360 is this Thursday, the 18th. I cannot believe I did that. So sorry man! Come this Thursday and let me buy you drink to make up for it.


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