Sept. 28th: Connecticut Real Estate Investor Meet-Up

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  • 09/28/16 07:00PM
  • Anna Liffey's: 1494 Old Post Rd, Fairfield CT 06824
  • Free

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Sept. 28th Connecticut Real Estate Investor Meet-Up

The September Fairfield Real Estate Investor Meet-Up is on Wednesday, Sept. 28th! (last Wednesday of every month - so please mark your calendars).

Place: Anna Liffey's (an awesome Irish pub) located at 1494 Post Rd, Fairfield CT 06824 NOTE: We are in the back room (

Time: 7PM mingle. At 7:30pm we go around room to introduce everyone so you can let everyone know what you do and who you would like to meet at the event (brokers, lenders, wholesalers, investors, attorneys, insurance agents, and more.)

No Cost: It's FREE! Okay it's almost free - please buy drink(s) and food from the bar.

[Important Side Note]: There is a Happy Hour from 4pm - 7pm before the event starts. I think it's half-off most drinks ($3 craft beers).

Happy investing!

I'll be attending! See you all there!

Last month was my first meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new people! Have a great day!

I'm a recent new member to BP from Connecticut. I'm happy to see this kind of netwoking event in my area. I look forward to meeting everyone on the 28th 

I'm looking forward to this and networking with all of you

Bump to the Fairfield, CT meet-up this Wednesday - please post if you can make it and where in Connecticut you invest (it helps bring other people to our meet-up and makes it more vibrant).

My name is Nathan Reid Jr and I am a real estate investor from Bridgeport, CT.  I own a real estate consulting company and I will be there this coming Wednesday in Fairfield.

I won't make this one - just joined here yesterday, I will make the next one at Kit Crowns place on the 11th!

I am fairly new to BP and I will also be attending the meet up.

Thanks all Connecticut folks! Last reminder about the meet-up tomorrow evening:

Time of Event: 09/28/2016 at 07:00PM
Location: Anna Liffey's: 1494 Old Post Rd, Fairfield CT 06824
Fee to Attend: Free

(See first post above with all the info.)

Just joined BP. Let me know when the next meet up is. Thx!

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