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Hi everyone,

This will be our 7th and last mastermind/meetup for 2016. I'd like to say I've enjoyed them and met some wonderful people at these events. For the last meetup we are having, our topic will be Business Planning for 2017 led by my wife Cecilly Bumatay. Everyone here is looking to get into real estate investing as a business, so whether you are a wholesaler, flipper, buy and hold investor, it all starts with a plan. You can have an in-depth plan or 1 page filled out with your goals, your focus, what sets you apart, and how will you get there. Work on something for the next one and we'll talk about it.

For our next meetup we will have 2 guest speakers.

We will have :

Joe Taglia from Better Qualified teaching us about Personal and Business credit. I know many of you have asked me about this and Joe and his team are the perfect people to teach us about this. They are experts in the field and have helped many people improve their credits whether it was to buy a real estate investment or start and operate a business.


Steve Schapiro from Circle S Capital who is a Commercial Banker with plenty of experience in the mortgage industry. He has worked with hedge funds and has been an intricate part of the mortgage underwriting process at his company. He can definitely give us insight on what the banks are looking for when you are looking to structure a sizable commercial deal.

I look forward to hearing them both.

Details for event:

November 9, 2016

7pm - 10pm

3470 East Tremont Ave Bronx, NY 10465

Fee is $10 per person

You can pay at:

Keep in mind, this is an open forum. A mastermind/meetup. It's not a seminar. We're here to help each other out, potentially form partnerships, and help each other grow. There should be no solicitation or pushing of services.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thank you for organizing, Ceasar!

I will attend.

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