Charleston, SC - Investor's Networking Happy Hour - 12/16/16

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Real estate investor's networking happy hour! December 16, 2016 from 4-7 at The Americano in Mt Pleasant (819 Coleman Blvd Mt Pleasant SC 29464). I try to host a networking event each quarter. There are no products to sell and no fees to attend. I try to host this event each quarter. All are welcome. This is an opportunity for new and veteran investors to network and help one another grow and succeed. Feel free to shoot me a message or an email to confirm that you are coming. We had a great turn out last time. There were a lot of new relationships made. I hope to see you all there! 

I plan to attend.  Thanks for hosting it 1/4 mile from my house~;-)

I'm supposed to be somewhere else at 5 but will try to make the first hour.

@Troy Gandee , my husband and I will be there.  Thank you for coordinating and hosting.  Looking forward to meeting you all then!

I plan to be there.  Thanks for coordinating.  

Mike Nicholson

Nicholstone, LLC


See you all there!

Troy, I'm in!

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