Addicted to ROI: What to Buy and Where to Buy?

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About the Event:

So you are interested in buying a rental property? Great! Now you have to deal with the two most important questions. What to buy? And Where to Buy? There are many sayings that we all know such as location, location, location, and always buy the worst house in the best neighborhood, but are any of them true nowadays? By the end of our meetup you will know. We will be going over the pros and cons of buying multifamily versus single family homes, old homes versus new homes, and flips and new construction. We will also be going over the differences between in state investing and out of state investing and what it means for your ROI potential.

About the Series:

Have you ever thought about being a real estate investor or owning a rental property? Or perhaps you already do own a rental property, or 10, and want some tips and tricks from other seasoned rental property owners? If either one of those fits you, then this is the right event for you!

We run a monthly meetup workshop and networking event with a wide range of attendees; from seasoned investors to people pondering their first real estate purchase, we are inclusive of everyone. Each meetup has a different focus and we will be discussing that specific topic in depth, but questions are always welcome regardless of the topic. You are welcome to attend one event of interest, or all four in the series, whatever suites yout interests and time best!

The Pizza Coop in Woodinville is kind enough to let us use their private room for our meetups, so come join us for some knowledge sharing and enjoy a delicious pizza and beer while you are here!

See below for our outline of session dates and topics:

Money, Money, Money - A Run Down of Financing Options

Landlording Like a Boss - How to Operate Rentals

What Your Parents Never Told You About Mitigating Risks

The Worst House in the Best Neighborhood, Fact or Fiction? - What to Buy and Where to Buy

We look forward to meeting you!

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